Circuit power amplifier TDA2030A or Lm1875 + NE5532 + CH224K

Circuit power amplifier TDA2030A or Lm1875 + NE5532 + CH224K

Circuit power amplifier TDA2030A or Lm1875 + NE5532 + XL6019 + CH224K. Powered by PD or DC, dual power supply with XL6019, pre-amplifier circuit. LM1875/TDA2030 amplifier powered by DC/DC. Using XL6019 SEPIC topology to generate positive and negative power supply, powered by PD or DC.

The IC CH224K is configured for 12V, and the XL6019 for dual voltage of +13.7V -13.7V.

Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K Schematic
Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K Schematic

The positive and negative 13.6V voltage generated here is filtered by LC and used for LM1875. 7809 and 7909 generate positive and negative 9V for the front stage operational amplifiers.

Using positive and negative voltage can eliminate the need for output coupling capacitors and reduce the impact on sound quality. The sound is still good, after all, it’s just for listening. Theoretically, power supply from 5V to 24V is possible, but 12V is recommended.

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Use a 20W QC charger for power supply. After power on, the relay closes after a 1-second delay, and it immediately turns off when powered off. No POP sound is generated. The downside is that the idle current is not small, the DC/DC efficiency is not high, and it generates more heat.

The inductor L1, 0.6 enameled wire for the inductor, wind it in three lines, approximately 50 cm long for each, and pay attention not to mix up the same name terminals. When debugging and installing, do not solder the amplifier block first, proceed to the next step after the power supply is normal.

LM1875, after pin straightening, insert it into the board, use thermal silicone film, nylon screws, and connect it to the enclosure before soldering it to the board.

Lm1875 Tda2030A
Lm1875 Tda2030A

To find time to solder the front panel, LED can be soldered horizontally with side-emitting 0805 LEDs or vertically with ordinary LEDs.

Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K 3

About IC TDA2030A

The IC TDA2030A is a widely used integrated circuit primarily designed for audio amplification purposes. It is a monolithic power amplifier that can deliver high-quality audio output with low distortion and low noise. The IC has a maximum power output of 18 Watts and operates on a single power supply voltage ranging from 6 to 36 volts. It features built-in protection circuits like thermal shutdown and short circuit protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the amplifier. The TDA2030A is known for its simplicity in design and ease of use, making it a popular choice among hobbyists and audio enthusiasts for various audio amplification applications.

About IC Lm1875

The IC LM1875 is a popular audio power amplifier integrated circuit that is widely used in various audio applications. It is a high-performance, monolithic amplifier capable of delivering up to 20 watts of continuous output power. The IC features a unique combination of high-quality audio performance, simplicity of operation, and robustness, making it an ideal choice for audio enthusiasts and professionals alike. With its low distortion, wide frequency response, and excellent transient response, the LM1875 IC ensures accurate reproduction of audio signals, making it suitable for a wide range of audio applications such as stereo amplifiers, home theater systems, and audio equipment. Additionally, it incorporates built-in thermal, short circuit, and overload protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the amplifier. The IC LM1875 is known for its ease of use, affordability, and exceptional audio performance, making it a trusted and widely used amplifier IC in the audio industry.

About IC TDA2050

The Integrated Circuit (IC) TDA2050 is a versatile audio amplifier chip designed for high-quality audio applications. It is widely used in audio systems, including home theaters, car audio systems, and professional audio equipment. The TDA2050 offers a combination of low distortion, high output power, and excellent thermal stability, making it a popular choice among audio enthusiasts. With its built-in protection features, such as short-circuit and thermal shutdown, the TDA2050 ensures reliable and safe operation. Additionally, its simple and compact design allows for easy integration into various audio devices. Overall, the TDA2050 is a reliable and efficient IC that delivers outstanding audio performance for a wide range of applications.

About IC CH224K

CH224 integrates multiple fast charging protocols such as USB PD3.0/2.0, BC1.2, automatically detects VCONN and simulates E-Mark chips, and supports up to 100W power. CH224 has a built-in PD communication module, with features of high integration and streamlined peripherals. It integrates output voltage detection function, and provides over-temperature and over-voltage protection functions, etc. It can be widely used in various electronic equipment to expand high-power input, such as wireless charger, electric toothbrush, rechargeable shaver, lithium battery power tools and other application scenarios.

About IC XL6019

IC XL6019 is a versatile and high-performance integrated circuit widely used in power supply applications. This IC is specifically designed to convert low voltage DC power sources into higher voltage levels, making it an ideal choice for applications such as battery chargers, LED drivers, and other power supply circuits. The XL6019 operates at a high switching frequency, ensuring efficient power conversion and minimizing power losses. It is capable of providing a maximum output voltage of up to 60V and a maximum output current of 4A, making it suitable for a wide range of power requirements. Additionally, the XL6019 features built-in protection mechanisms such as overcurrent protection, thermal shutdown, and short-circuit protection, ensuring the safety and reliability of the power supply system. Overall, the IC XL6019 offers excellent performance, reliability, and versatility, making it an essential component in various power supply applications.

About USB Power Delivery

USB Power Delivery (USB PD) is a charging technology that allows for faster and more efficient charging of devices. It provides a higher power output and enables devices to negotiate the power level they need, ranging from 5V to 20V. USB PD is a significant advancement in the world of charging as it eliminates the need for multiple chargers and cables for different devices. With USB PD, a single charger can be used to power up various devices, including smartphones, laptops, tablets, and even gaming consoles. This technology not only simplifies charging but also improves efficiency by delivering the optimal power required for each device, reducing charging times significantly. Additionally, USB PD supports bidirectional power flow, enabling devices to charge other devices, making it a versatile and convenient charging solution.

Schematic Circuit power amplifier TDA2030A or Lm1875 + NE5532 + CH224K

Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K Schematic
Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K Schematic Led
Schematic Leds

Bom Circuit power amplifier PD power supply

1KR11206 – SMD resistor1
24KR20603 – SMD resistor1
10K (103)R3,R18,R21,R30,R39,R40,R47,R22,R310603 – SMD resistor9
5.1KR4,R5,R11,R120603 – SMD resistor4
100RR6,R150603 – SMD resistor2
1KR7,R16,R23,R410805 – SMD resistor4
30K (303)R8,R9,R10,R14,R190603 – SMD resistor5
WMF21-3.3DR13NTC 3,3R – WMF21-3.31
3KR170603 – SMD resistor1
1KR20,R25,R28,R29,R32,R37,R43,R45,R46,R480603 – SMD resistor10
10RR24,R420805 – SMD resistor2
2KR26,R44,R500603 – SMD resistor3
5K (502)R27Potentiometer1
100RR331206 – SMD resistor1
100K (104)R35,R36,R60,R58,0603 – SMD resistor4
20KR490603 – SMD resistor1
0.1uFC1,C6,C8,C13,C15,C190603 – SMD Ceramic capacitor6
10uFC2,C3,C5,C9,C12,C40,C41,C45,C44,C360805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor10
22uFC4,C11,C38,C39,C421210 – SMD Ceramic capacitor5
4.7uFC7,C140805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor2
33nFC100603 – SMD Ceramic capacitor1
0.1uFC16,C20,C26,C290805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor4
2.2uFC17,C18,C21,C25,C27,C28,C30,C340805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor8
0.22uFC22,C310805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor2
1nFC23,C24,C32,C330603 – SMD Ceramic capacitor4
1uFC350603 – SMD Ceramic capacitor1
1uFC370805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor1
470uF/25VCP1,CP2,CP5,CP6,CP11,CP16Electrolytic capacitor6
47uF/25VCP4,CP7,CP8,CP12,CP13,CP14,CP15,CP17,CP18,CP19Electrolytic capacitor10
220uF/25VCP21,CP20,CP3,CP9,CP10Electrolytic capacitor5
SS34D1SMA – Schottky Barrier Rectifier diode1
SS35D2,D3SMB – Schottky Barrier Rectifier diode2
M7D4,D5,D9,D10SMD diode4
1N4148D8SOD-123 – Signal diode1
1N4148D6,D7SOD-323 – Signal diode2
ZMM12D12SOD-123 – 500mW 12V Zener diode1
LEDLE70805 – Red LED1
LM78L09U2SOT-89(SOT-89-3) – Voltage regulator 9V positive1
XL6019U3Boost converterType 60V 5V~40V 5A TO-263-5 DC-DC Converters1
LM79L09U4SOT-89(SOT-89-3) – Voltage regulator -9V negative1
NE5532U5SOP-8 – Operational amplifier1
TDA2030 or Lm1875, or TDa2050U6,U7Power amplifier IC2
2N7002Q1,Q5SOT-23 – Mosfet N-Channel2
NCE40P07Q3LC-SOP-8_150MIL – P-channel MOSFET chip1
3AF1,F2SMD Fuse 3A 32V 12062
1AF3,F4SMD Fuse 1A 32V 12062
0.2AF5SMD Fuse 200mA 32V 06031
LIN-1870-6L1Toroidal inductor1
4.7uH (4R7)L2,L36020 – Inductor2
DC-5.5-044J1DC5.5 – DC Power Receptacle1
CON4J25.08 mm connector 4 pin1
PHONE-3.5J3Headphone connector 3.5 mm1
CON2J4Pin header 2.54 mm1

Front panel BOM

1uFC10805 – SMD Ceramic capacitor1
10nFC21206 – SMD Ceramic capacitor1
M7D1SOD-123 – SMD diode1
LEDLE1,LE2,LE3,LE4,LE5,LE6,LE7,LE8,LE9,LE10,LE110805 – LED11
10KR1,R3,R4,R5,R6,R7,R8,R9,R10,R12,R130603 – SMD resistor11
NCR21206 – SMD resistor1
10RR111206 – SMD resistor1
0.2AF1SMD Fuse 200mA 32V 06031

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Circuit Power Amplifier Tda2030A Or Lm1875 + Ne5532 + Ch224K 2

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG, SVG



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