Practical IR remote control tester – practical method

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Practical Remote control test with camera digital or cellular

It is a way it practices of testing an infra-red remote control of any apparel it is dvd, TV, micro systems, using a digital camera or an apparel of cellular

Control Infrared Test With Digital Camera

If a remote control is failing the problem in it can be him remote control, it can usually mean that the piles are out of print. If you change the piles for new and even so not to solve. Here is a subject the problem is in the remote control or in the device that want to control. Since we observed basic subjects as piles with inverted polarity or you plunder with defect. It remains now to check the control it transmits some sign. We usually used a testators of GOING, easily gotten with a photo transistor. But that equipment type usually meets at our laboratory. Here is the solution, now we can use a camera digital or cellular. Available in almost at every moment, with certainty you that is reading that clue, has some of those apparels close of you! In that way allowing to verify a remote control where you to meet quickly.

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It works in the following way, when we pressed a key of the remote control

gone back to the sensor of the camera we should see in the display a light brilliant, originating from LED to Go of the remote control. If the led doesn’t ignite we can be sure that the remote control is with defect. That happens reason the sensor of those equipment they are sensitive the visible light and also to rays infrared, presents in the remote controls, that is what allows to remove pictures the night.

Below we have images of the procedure, interesting the image totally gotten in an atmosphere darkness, it seems until other thing.

Digital Camera Celular Unit Remot Control Test Tv, Dvd, Micro System


For remote control maintenance I recommend that smart tutorial of burgos electronics.(Portuguese language)


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