Circuit lithium rechargeable battery for mouse

Circuit lithium rechargeable battery for mouse 3

Circuit lithium rechargeable battery for mouse, mouse dry battery modified into lithium battery, integrated charging and battery protection. Minimal size, only 11×31mm. Supports charging and over-discharge protection, diode voltage drop output, minimizing standby current.

Schematic Circuit lithium rechargeable battery for mouse

Schematic Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse

Red light when charging, green light when fully charged
The lithium battery is 4.2V, and the unloaded voltage is around 2.5V when fully charged. Logitech mouse can be used normally.
Due to the complex internal space of the mouse, it is recommended to cut off the Type-C port when using it, and insert it into the mouse using flying wires.
It can also be used as a lithium battery charging module when not used for mouse modification. Remove the output diode and short-circuit the diode pad with a wire when using.

Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse
Connection Details

This battery protection chip will not activate automatically after installing the battery. After replacing the mouse battery, it needs to be activated by plugging in a charger once. It doesn’t matter if the battery is soldered permanently.

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Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse 3
Inside Mouse
Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse
Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse

About IC LGS4056HDB

The IC LGS4056HDB is a highly efficient and reliable integrated circuit commonly used in electronic devices. It is designed to regulate and control voltage levels, making it an essential component in power management systems. With its compact size and low power consumption, the IC LGS4056HDB is ideal for portable devices such as smartphones, tablets, and wearables. It offers a wide range of protection features, including overvoltage and overcurrent protection, ensuring the safety of the connected devices. Additionally, the IC LGS4056HDB has excellent thermal performance, allowing it to operate at high temperatures without compromising its functionality. Overall, the IC LGS4056HDB is a versatile and dependable integrated circuit that plays a crucial role in the efficient operation of electronic devices.

This circuit can be used in other battery-powered electronics, in some cases just remove the 1n4007 diodes according to the voltage you need. Each diode represents a voltage drop of 0.7V.

Bom Circuit lithium rechargeable battery for mouse

Designator Value Description Quantity
C1,C4 10uF 0805 SMD capacitor 2
C2,C3,C5 100nF 0603 SMD capacitor 3
D1,D2 blue, red 0603 LED SMD 2
D3,D4,D5 1N4007WS SOD-323 – Diodes – General Purpose 3
J1 TYPE-C 6P(073) 5A 6P Type-C SMD USB 1
R1,R2, R3m 5.1k (513) 0603 SMD resistor 3
R4, R6, R8 1K (102) 0603 SMD resistor 3
R7 680 (681) 0603 SMD resistor 1
R5 1R (1R0) 0603 SMD resistor 1
U1 LGS4056HDB 1A linear lithium battery charging management chip (supplying) 1
U2 SL197-1 DFN-6-2×2_2P – Charging, over -discharge, over -current and other protection. 1

Download files, links, and notes

Circuit Lithium Rechargeable Battery For Mouse Pcb 3D
Pcb 3D

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF




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