Power RF amplifier 802. 11g maxim max2247

max2247 2

Power amplifier for nets 802. 11g using ic max2247 of the maxim. A power amplifier for operation of nets without thread (WLAN) of the pattern 802.11g, with signs OFDM in 2450 MHz.

Diagram of the circuit of the potency amplifier for wireless lan max2247

Power Rf Amplifier 802. 11G Maxim Max2247
Power Rf Amplifier 802. 11G Maxim Max2247
Max2247 802-11 Amplifier Pcb Power Rf Amplifier 802. 11G Maxim Max2247
Pcb Power Rf Amplifier 802. 11G Maxim Max2247

Description of the circuit of the amplifier for 802.11 Wi-Fi lan

It is the note of application 1996 of Maxim, that presented values of components and position to configure the max2247 as potency amplifier for operation in WLAN 802.11g with signs OFDM to 2450 MHZ.

He can supply +17 DBm with 3% EVM (error vector magnitude) using a source of 175mA of current and 3.3 volts.

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The max2247 is optimized to operate in applications WLAN (wireless local area network).

For tests with that circuit, Maxim possesses an evaluation board. In that board, that corresponds to the given circuit, the inductances are obtained starting from small transmission lines elaborated in the own printed circuit board.

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