TPS54360: High Efficiency 60V Step-Down DC-DC Converter

TPS54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down DC-DC Converter circuit board

TPS54360 is a 60V input, 3.5A, buck DC/DC converter with Eco-Mode. The TPS54360 is a 60-V, 3.5-A, step-down (buck) regulator with an integrated high side n-channel MOSFET. The device implements constant frequency, current mode control which reduces output capacitance and simplifies external frequency compensation. The wide switching frequency range of 100 kHz to 2500 kHz allows either efficiency or size optimization when selecting the output filter components. The switching frequency is adjusted using a resistor to ground connected to the RT/CLK terminal. The device has an internal phase-locked loop (PLL) connected to the RT/CLK terminal that will synchronize the power switch turn on to a falling edge of an external clock signal.

Schematic TPS54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down DC-DC Converter circuit board

Schematic Tps54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter Circuit

The TPS54360 has a default input start-up voltage of approximately 4.3 V. The EN terminal can be used to adjust the input voltage undervoltage lockout (UVLO) threshold with two external resistors. An internal pull up current source enables operation when the EN terminal is floating. The operating current is 146 μA under no load condition (not switching). When the device is disabled, the supply current is 2 μA.

The integrated 92 mΩ high side MOSFET supports high-efficiency power supply designs capable of delivering 3.5 amperes of continuous current to a load. The gate drive bias voltage for the integrated high side MOSFET is supplied by a bootstrap capacitor connected from the BOOT to SW terminals. The TPS54360 reduces the external component count by integrating the bootstrap recharge diode. The BOOT terminal capacitor voltage is monitored by a UVLO circuit, which turns off the high side MOSFET when the BOOT to SW voltage falls below a preset threshold. An automatic BOOT capacitor recharge circuit allows the TPS54360 to operate at high duty cycles approaching 100%. Therefore, the maximum output voltage is near the minimum input supply voltage of the application. The minimum output voltage is the internal 0.8 V feedback reference.

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Output overvoltage transients are minimized by an overvoltage transient protection (OVP) comparator. When the OVP comparator is activated, the high side MOSFET is turned off and remains off until the output voltage is less than 106% of the desired output voltage.
The TPS54360 includes an internal soft-start circuit that slows the output rise time during start-up to reduce inrush current and output voltage overshoot. Output overload conditions reset the soft-start timer. When the overload condition is removed, the soft-start circuit controls the recovery from the fault output level to the nominal
regulation voltage. A frequency foldback circuit reduces the switching frequency during start-up and overcurrent fault conditions to help maintain control of the inductor current.

Features IC TPS54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down DC-DC Converter circuit

  • include a 4.5V to 60V (absolute maximum of 65V) input range,
  • 3.5A continuous current, 4.5A minimum peak inductor current limit,
  • current mode controlled DC/DC converter,
  • 92 mΩ high-side metal-oxide semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET)
  • with pulse-skipping efficiency in light load conditions using Eco-mode™,
  • low voltage drop achieved with integrated boot recharge FET in light load conditions,
  • 146μA static operating current, 2μA shutdown current,
  • fixed switching frequency ranging from 100kHz to 2.5MHz,
  • synchronous to an external clock,
  • adjustable undervoltage lockout (UVLO) voltage and hysteresis,
  • internal soft-start,
  • precise per-cycle current limit,
  • overheat, overvoltage, and frequency foldback protection,
  • 0.8V 1% internal voltage reference,
  • 8-pin HSOIC package with PowerPAD™,
  • -40 °C to 150 °C TJ operating range.

It can operate stably without additional heat dissipation with a 24V input and 5V 3A load test.

Tps54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter Circuit 2
Tps54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter Circuit 2

Bom TPS54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down DC-DC Converter circuit

Designator Value Footprint Quantity
C1 10uF 1206 1
C4 0.1uF 0603 1
C5 4700pF 0603 1
C8 47pF 0603 1
C10 0.1uF 1206 1
C11,C12 22uF 1206 2
U2 TPS54360DDA Step-down type Adjustable 0.8V~58.8V 3.5A 4.5V~60V SOIC-8-EP DC-DC Converters 1
D1 SS56 SMC — Schottky Barrier Diodes 1
D2 SMAJ54A SMB — TVS — 87.1V 60V 1
D3 SMAJ15A SMA — TVS 24.4V 16.7V 15V 1
LED1 Red LED LED 0603 1
Q1 SI7469DP-T1-GE3 80V 28A 25 mΩ@10V,10.2A 5.2W P Channel PowerPAK1212-8 MOSFETs 1
R1 442K (4423) 0603 1
R2 90.9K (9092) 0603 1
R3 162K (1623) 0603 1
R4 13K (1302) 0603 1
R5 53.6K (5362) 0603 1
R6 10.2K (1022) 0603 1
R7 100K (1003) 0603 1
R8 3K (3001) 0603 1
L1 10uH (100) FXL1040-100-M 8.5A SMD,11.5×10 mm Power Inductors 1

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Tps54360 60V 3.5A Step-Down Dc-Dc Converter Circuit Pcb 3D

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tps54360dda tps54360ddar tps54360bddar tps54360bqddarq1 tps54360b-q1 tps54360-q1

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