Diy RIAA Phono Preamp circuit with opamp

diy riaa phono preamp

Diy RIAA Phono Preamp circuit with opamp It’s a phono preamp based on the design of rod ellion ( ituses a 12-0-12 transformer, 1VA or above, it doesn’t really matter.

It really sounds great, in a metal box with some high-end stickers on it, audiophiles won’t tell it apart from a $300 brand product. it used BNC’s for connecting a turntable, audio gear should always use BNC or XLR.

About diy RIAA Phono Preamp

The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) Phono Preamp is a device that plays a crucial role in the world of audio reproduction and music preservation. Designed to enhance the quality and accuracy of vinyl record playback, this preamplifier is an essential component in any audio system that includes a turntable.

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Vinyl records, with their unique sound and nostalgic appeal, have experienced a resurgence in popularity recently. However, the process of playing vinyl records requires a specialized approach due to the way the music is physically stored on the grooves of the record. The RIAA Phono Preamp serves as a bridge between the turntable and the audio system, ensuring that the delicate signal from the stylus is properly amplified and equalized to reproduce the original recording faithfully.

The primary function of the RIAA Phono Preamp is to correct the frequency response of the audio signal, which is intentionally altered during the recording process. To fit more music onto a vinyl record, the low frequencies are reduced, while the high frequencies are boosted. This equalization curve, known as the RIAA curve, is applied during the mastering process and needs to be reversed during playback to accurately reproduce the original sound.

The RIAA Phono Preamp accomplishes this by amplifying the weak signal from the turntable’s cartridge and applying the inverse of the RIAA curve. By boosting the low frequencies and attenuating the high frequencies, the preamp restores the audio signal to its original form, allowing the music to be heard as intended by the artist and the recording engineer.

In addition to equalization, the RIAA Phono Preamp also provides the necessary gain to bring the signal up to line level, making it compatible with other audio components in the system. This ensures that the music can be played back at a suitable volume without any loss of fidelity.

Modern RIAA Phono Preamps often come equipped with additional features, such as adjustable gain, cartridge loading options, and various connectivity options to accommodate different types of turntables and audio systems. These advancements have made it easier than ever for audiophiles and music enthusiasts to enjoy the rich, warm sound of vinyl records while maintaining the highest level of audio quality.

In conclusion, the RIAA Phono Preamp plays a vital role in the world of vinyl record playback, ensuring that the music is faithfully reproduced and enjoyed by audiophiles and music lovers alike. By correcting the frequency response and providing the necessary amplification, this device preserves the integrity of the original recording, allowing for a truly immersive and captivating listening experience.

riaa phono preamp schematic diy riaa phono preamp

Riaa Phono Preamp Power Supply Schematic
Riaa Phono Preamp Power Supply Schematic
Riaa Phono Preamp Power Supply Schematic
Riaa Phono Preamp Power Supply Schematic

BOM preamp RIAA phono preamplifier

Resistors 1/4W 1%
2.2kR5,R6Red, red, black, brown, brown2
47kR7,R8Yellow, violet, black, red, brown2
4.7kR9,R14Yellow, violet, black, brown, brown2
180kR10,R13Brown, gray, black, orange, brown2
10kR11,R12Brown, black, black, red, brown2
2.7kR15,R16Red, violet, black, brown, brown2
100kR17,R18,R21,R22Brown, black, black, orange, brown4
750R19,R20Violet, green, black, black, brown2
1kR1,R2,R3,R4Brown, black, black, broom, brown4
1.5kR23Brown, green, black, orange, brown1
0R240 ohm1
1N4448D1,D2,D3,D4DO-35 – Diode4
7815U1TO-220-3 – 15V voltage regulator positive1
7915U2TO-220-3 – 15V voltage regulator negative1
NE5532PU3,U4DIP-8 – Operational amplifier2
100u/25VC1,C2,C17,C18Electrolytic capacitor4
1000u/25VC7,C8,C13,C14Electrolytic capacitor4
10000u/25VC9,C11,C10,C12Electrolytic capacitor4
22nC21,C23Ceramic capacitor2
22u/25VC22,C24,C25,C26Electrolytic capacitor4
100nC27,C28,C5,C6,C19,C20Ceramic capacitor6
1uC29,C30,C3,C4,C15,C16Ceramic capacitor6


Download files, PCB in PDF, Gerber



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  2. The Signal e-book: A compendium of blog posts on op amp design topics


moving magnet RIAA phono preamplifier

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