TDA1521 or TDA2616 Dual channel OTL Power Amplifier

TDA1521 TDA2616 Dual channel OTL Power Amplifier

TDA1521 or TDA2616 Dual channel Power Amplifier Dual-channel HIFI Power Amplifier This is a pure final stage HIFI power amplifier based on TDA1521/TDA2616, which can be interchangeable, only with different pin connections for pin 2. TDA2616, compared to the well-known TDA1521, has added output short-circuit protection and supports 4-ohm speakers.

It is recommended to pair it with high-quality speakers of 3–4 inches, suitable for desktop or bookshelf speakers, with excellent results! To meet different needs, we specially provide two types of PCB, circular board and rectangular board, and optimize the grounding method. The listening effect is exceptional! Special reminder: when using the TDA2616 chip, pin 2 should be left floating; when using the TDA1521, pin 2 should be connected to pin 3! You can adjust the connection between pins 2 and 3 according to your chip and then sample the PCB.

Schematic TDA1521 or TDA2616 Dual channel OTL Power Amplifier

Schematic Tda1521 Tda2616 Dual Channel Otl Power Amplifier

About IC TDa1521 TDa1521q

The IC TDa1521 is a versatile and high-performance audio amplifier integrated circuit. It is designed to deliver exceptional sound quality and power output in a compact and efficient package. With a built-in preamplifier and power amplifier, it is capable of driving multiple speakers with a wide frequency response range. The TDa1521 features various protection mechanisms, including thermal shutdown and short-circuit protection, ensuring safe and reliable operation. Its low distortion and high signal-to-noise ratio make it ideal for audio applications such as home theater systems, car audio systems, and portable speakers. Overall, the IC TDa1521 offers a cost-effective and reliable solution for amplifying audio signals with exceptional clarity and power.

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About ic TDA2616 TDA2616q

The IC TDA2616 is an audio power amplifier integrated circuit that is commonly used in audio applications. It is designed to deliver high-quality sound with minimal distortion and noise. The TDA2616 is a dual channel amplifier, meaning it can provide amplification for two separate audio channels, making it suitable for stereo applications. This IC has a wide operating voltage range, allowing it to be powered by various power sources. It also features a built-in thermal shutdown protection mechanism to prevent overheating and damage to the device. With its compact size and versatile capabilities, the TDA2616 is a popular choice among audio enthusiasts and professionals for amplifying sound signals in various audio systems.

Tda1521 Tda2616 Dual Channel Otl Power Amplifier
Tda1521 Tda2616 Dual Channel Otl Power Amplifier

BOM TDA1521 or TDA2616 Dual channel OTL Power Amplifier

10KPR_LED1Brown, black, orange, gold1
8.2R 1/2WR1,R2Gray, red, gold, gold2
4700uF/25VC1,C2Electrolytic capacitor2
100nC4,C5Ceramic capacitor2
0.47ufC6,C8Film capacitor2
100uF/25vC7Electrolytic capacitor1
220nC11,C12Film capacitor2
680uF/25VC13,C14Electrolytic capacitor2
Power LEDLED1LED 3 mm red1
TDA1521WSU2TDA1521 or TDA1521Q or TDA2616 or TDA2616Q — hi-fi audio power amplifier1
GBJ2510D1Bridge rectifier1
RoutP1Connector terminal block 5.08 mm 2 pin1
LoutP2Connector terminal block 5.08 mm 2 pin1
Audio inH12.54 mm connector 3 pin1
Power inP3Connector terminal block 5.08 mm 2 pin1

Download files, links, and notes

Tda1521 Tda2616 Dual Channel Otl Power Amplifier Pcb 3D
Tda1521 Pcb 3D

Download PCB in Gerber, PDF, PNG and SVG




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