Download 555 timer component selection

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The 555 timer Buy from Rapid is an extremely versatile integrated circuit which can be used to build lots of different circuits. You can use the 555 effectively without understanding the function of each pin in detail.
Frequently, the 555 is used in astable mode to generate a continuous series of pulses, but you can also use the 555 to make a one-shot or monostable circuit. The 555 can source or sink 200 mA of output current, and is capable of driving wide range of output devices.

With a little practice, it is quite easy to choose appropriate values for a 555 timer astable. To make things even easier, you might like to download the DOCTRONICS 555 timer component selection program.
The program works with all versions of Windows™ from Windows 95™ through to Windows Vista™ and looks like this:

Download 555 timer


Download 555 Calc release v1.0

Download Resistance Calculator 1


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