Download Qinyuefeng PCB 1.7 Chinese and English PCB designer software

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QinYueFeng friendly software interface, easy to operate fast, and powerful. Integrates the advantages of several software, including Protel And Pads. You can design a new circuit By QinYueFeng, and you can also read in the previous Protel or Pads of the drawings, and make the necessary changes.

Download Qinyuefeng Pcb 1.7 Chinese And English Pcb Designer Software

Convenient schematic design

Schematic editor using Windows-style interface, easy to learn and use, support for hierarchical schematic design, the amount of drawings and layers is no restriction; At the same time, support from top to bottom and bottom to up design methodology, fast, convenient and user-friendly operation interface, saving design much time; to provide a variety of design report for the design of the inspection procurement and production components

Improve the functions of the PCB design

PCB design system to provide users with an interactive graphical design platform and a series of comprehensive design rules, as well as the powerful fully controllable means of parametric design. PCB design software used mainly for printed circuit board design, by its PCB generated documents will be directly applied to the printed circuit board production. The design system schematic design system to produce the network table, into the PCB design system,At the same time provide a strong hand layout, routing features, according to the definition of design rules to design printed circuit boards. And then printed circuit board manufacturers to generate the necessary Gerber files, documents and other drilling-related paper manufacturing.

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Platform: windows 2000 \2003 \ XP \   VISTA \ Windows7

Language support: Chinese \ English

Download qinyuefeng demo


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