Download EdSim51 8051 microcontroller free simulator. 8051 Simulator for Teachers and Students

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Do you want to learn about microcontrollers and embedded systems?
Are you studying the 8051 microcontroller?
Do you want to test your code for communicating with peripherals without having to first build the hardware?
Are you teaching an embedded systems course and would like your students to have access to a virtual 8051 training kit?

If the answer to any or all of the above is true, then you’ve come to the right place.
The EdSim51 Simulator for the popular 8051 microcontroller is exactly the tool you need.
And it’s FREE!
A virtual 8051 is interfaced with virtual peripherals such as a keypad, motor, display, UART, etc.
The student can write 8051 assembly code, step through the code and observe the effects each line has on the internal memory and the external peripherals.


The Virtual Peripherals:

  • Analogue-to-Digital Converter (ADC)
  • Comparator
  • UART
  • 4 Multiplexed 7-segment Displays
  • 4 X 3 Keypad
  • 8 LEDs
  • DC Motor
  • 8 Switches
  • Digital-to-Analogue Converter (DAC) – displayed on oscilloscope

Why EdSim51’s Simulator and not some of the many other simulators that are available?
Many of the simulators for the 8051 that you will find are industry-standard. They are used by professional 8051-based embedded systems designers. While they show the state of the registers, memory and the port pins while code is being debugged, they do not have graphical representations of peripherals that can be used interactively to communicate with the 8051. EdSim51 have filled that need.
The student can learn how to scan a keypad, multiplex 7-segment displays, control a motor and count its revolutions, etc.

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Download EdSim51

For information on downloading and installing EdSim51,
go to the Installation Instructions

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