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This application calculates the inductor and capacitor values for the tank circuit of a simple bipolar transistor RF amp. The basic schematic is shown above. Enter the center frequency plus the inductive/capacitive reactance you desire and press the Calculate button to calculate the necessary inductance and capacitance for L and C respectively.

This app is intended for aiding in the design of LC output tank circuits on tuned bipolar transistor RF amplifiers.

To use, enter the desired inductive and capacitive reactance for the circuit plus the center frequency and push the Calculate button. The values for the required inductance and total capacitance will be calculated. Only the primary inductance is calculated. Both reactances XC and XL equal each other and are simply referred to as reactance in this application.

Frequency limit : 1 – 30 MHz. Reactance limit : 50 – 500 ohms. The L value can be wound on a powdered iron toroid, however a portion of the C value should be made variable so that the tank circuit may be peaked during testing.

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