Download Transformer calculator – coils and wire thickness at transformer

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Transformer Calculation is program for calculating number of coils and wire thickness at transformer.
If you have some experience in assembling transformers, then this program is perfect for you.
If you don’t know anything about assembling transformers, please don’t use calculations from this program for building your own transformer!
Wrong calculation can do damage to your electric device attached to electric network, and IT CAN KILL YOU !!!
You can still use this program to determine how big EI core of transformer must be, if you plan to buy transformer. Note there are lots of transformers that are hybrids, so if you need transformer for amplifier buy right sized transformer. Hybrid transformer are ordinarily small and under high load it can overheat.

Current version can calculate values only for standard transformer core, that’s “W” and “U” profile of core.
Note that working frequency of all calculations is 50 Hz (you can use it for 60 Hz too), in next release I’ll add ability to change that frequency.
Toroid transformers (ring profile of core) and others aren’t supported.

Download Transformer calculator

Version Working in 64 bits Windows – Thanks Saqib Lodhi

Download Transformer calculator 64 bits

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  1. This software is very useful to me. Very timely because I am going to rewind transformer. The software is working in my 64-bit windows. Thank you very much!!!


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