TDA1524A TDA1524 tone control circuit diagram

preamplifier Stereo TDA1524A bass treble 3D board

TDA1524A TDA1524 tone control circuit diagram, tda1524a preamplifier PCB layout, tda1524 circuit diagram. Stereo preamplifier circuit based on the Integrated Circuit TDA1524A. Contains components for amplification and pre-Tone controlling. The signal processing is done by the voltage controlled TDA1524A.

This manufactured by Philips IC (NXP) Semiconductors, allows for tone control voltage and can be used in more complex designs using microcontrollers. Here we use linear potentiometers to control tone, volume and balance. The circuit is completed with the source and the suggestion of the printed circuit board, to facilitate assembly. Ideal circuit to be complemented by the power amplifier circuit posted here on the blog.

The device is designed as an active stereo-tone/volume control for car radios, TV receivers and mains-fed equipment. It includes functions for bass and treble control, volume control with built-in contour (can be switched off) and balance. All these functions can be controlled by d.c. voltages or by single linear potentiometers.

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  •  Few external components necessary
  •  Low noise due to internal gain
  • Bass emphasis can be increased by a double-pole low-pass filter
  •  Wide power supply voltage range.

Description of pre tonal circuit with IC TDA1524A Stereo – With Bass, Treble, Balance, Volume and Loudness

Description of Stereo Pre-Tone Circuit with IC TDA1524A – With Bass, Treble, Balance and Volume + Loudness adjustments

The circuit with TDA1524 has a gain of 20DB and tone control of ±15dB, if you prefer to mount it in a DIP 18 socket for easy maintenance.

The power supply uses a 12V 250mA transformer, to regulate the voltage at 12 volts use an LM7812T type Ci (any prefix). If you are using an amplifier project that already has a well-filtered source, you can omit the transformer, diodes, and replace the 1000µF capacitor with a 470µF one. The LED to indicate the active state of the circuit, and can also be omitted if you prefer.

The audio inputs are coupled by C13 and C15, to not allow DC voltage to pass to the audio source device, 100nF capacitors are used in each potentiometer to decouple any AC signal from the control inputs. Resistors R5 and R6 are to improve stability with capacitive loads, R3 and R4 prevent current spikes when switching on the load. C9 and C14 are for controlling the
loudness contour control. C5 and C6 are for HF stability.

C21, C22, R7 and R8 were added, being a double-pole low-pass filter for better bass. If you want to avoid using it like this, don’t put these components and jumper C21 and C22. Keeping the original circut.

In connector S1, is to connect the loudness key, and works like this with the key turned to R2 this circuit is disabled, if you do not want to use this feature, just connect a jumper in place so that the resistor R2 (2.2K) is connected to the circuit.

tda1524 tone control circuit preamplifier with tone control and Volume

Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram

tda1524a preamplifier PCB layout – Bass, Treble, Balance, and Volume

Pcb Layout Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Pcb Layout Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Pcb Layout Component View Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Pcb Layout Component View Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Pcb Layout Component Silk Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram
Pcb Layout Component Silk Tda1524A Tda1524 Tone Control Circuit Diagram

BOM to build a stereo pre-tone with integrated circuit

Last Update: 06/10/2021 20:25

Part Valor Descrição Quantidade
C1 1000µF/25V Electrolytic Capacitor 1
C2, C4, C5, C6, C7, C8 100nF Ceramic Capacitor 6
C3, C19 100µF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor 2
C9, C17, C21, C22 56nF Film Capacitor 4
C10, C18 15nF Film Capacitor 2
C11, C12 10nF Film Capacitor 2
C13, C14, C15, C16 10µF/16V Electrolytic Capacitor 4
C20 220nF Film Capacitor 1
D1, D2, D3, D4 1N4004 Diode 4
IC1 LM7812 12V positive voltage regulator 1
IC2 TDA1524A Stereo tone control and volume control circuitry. 1
LED LED 5 mm Red LED 4
S1 Pin header or 3-position switch Loudness Switch
Resistors 1/4W
R1 1.2K Brown, Red, Red,  Gold 1
R2 2.2K Red, Red, Red,  Gold 1
R3, R4 4.7K Yellow, Violet, Red, Gold 2
R5, R6 220 Red, Red, Brown, Gold 2
R7, R8 (Optional) 10k Red, Red, Brown, Gold 2
P1, P2, P3, P4 50K or 47K Potenciômetro Linear 4
CN1 AC (Connector for the transformer) Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN2 IN (Stereo Audio Input Connector) Terminal block 3 pin 5.08 mm 1
CN3 OUT (Stereo Audio Output jack) Terminal block 3 pin 5.08 mm 1
Solder, Wires, Circuit box, printed circuit board, socket for the IC, fuse, etc.

Download the files for this project: PCB, Silk, Schematic, Component Layout, Datasheet TDA1524A, Eagle Library TDA1524A.

Gerber added

Download PDF / EPS


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Download Datasheet em PDF TDa1524A

Buy TDA1524A IC from Aliexpress

Buy Tda1524 Tda1524A Original Preamp Tone Control
Buy Tda1524 Tda1524A Original Preamp Tone Control

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55 thoughts on “TDA1524A TDA1524 tone control circuit diagram”

  1. Hi,
    Is this circuit compatible with your TDA7293 Power amp? Do i need preamplifier berwen them? (Input And output resistences)
    Thanks in advanced.

  2. Hello I was just wondering what are the dimensions for the PCB? Also would this pre amp work well with the 200 watt power audio amplifier using the TDA 7293?

  3. Circuit Stereo Preamplifier With IC TDA1524A – Tone Control Unit
    Works very fine for one hour and then IC blown off what may be the problem. I can not figure it out I purchased two IC and those are blown after working perfectly for two hous what may be problem I am Confused please help

  4. Hi tony, iam sunand from India..I don’t know English fluently please adjust my language…. I love electronics. your circuits are very helpful for all…iam a cancer surviver. Now I wish to open an electronics shop mainly deales with audio related items.. Such as 5.1 home theaters with simple prologic effect by using 2399 op amp ic in surround speakers inputs and make small delay effect by producing with sterio input signals. Mainly tda2030 ic is used in 5 channel for each channels with the power supply of 12-0-12 transformer.and tda 7294bridge circuit for subwoofer with 24-0-24 transformer and bass- treble circuits using lm324 12inch sub using 240 and 9240 MOSFET circuit using 27-0-27 transformer…this is the basic circuits used in 5.1 systems with the coordinates of switching board for change the input modes like TV ,USB and DVD and an additional switch for DTS and prologic mode changing.and control board for controlling the volume for each channels and bass treble and subwoofers. This system is more complicated for production.. How I can make this system easyly end defectively?? And another product is automotive amplifiers here we are make car sterios with using 4440ic and 7377bridged mode with the preamp using lm324 for b-t can make car sterios with high performance with bass treble control.??? With another methods?? Next item is car subwoofer amplifier.. Sir how to make the car subwoofer amplifier like bass tube comfortable type cheaply?? With any 12v ic or any transistors?? And an another product is karaoke systems. Sir how to make a good karokke system ?? For this system contains a pre amplifier with bass treble control, volume,echo and delay controls for common mic and music input adjustments..please suggest a pre amplifier circuit for me??? And this portable karaoke system is using in amp section by using TIP127 AND TiP 122 please suggest another method you have?? Sir kindly help me …I hope you help me to indroduce the new electronic technologies and your ideas for me..please help me consider as like your brother to cach up my dreams.. The Chinese cheap products are control our electronic market..I wish to produce this items own..please help

    • Hi,
      I assembled your tone controlller circuit but the volume does not controls also the balance control does not work properly
      Can you clear it out for me ?

    • Hi Kenj
      100nF = 104 or 0.1
      15nF = 153 or 0.015
      47nF = 473 or 0.047
      10nF = 103 or 0.01
      If you do not find polyester, try with ceramic capacitors

  5. This is exactly the kit I was looking for.
    I used a stereo transmitter out of a second hand
    Sennheiser cordless headset and the receiver out of the headset in a small plastic cabinet included a 2 x 5 watt
    amp and 2 coomunication-speakers for my almost deff
    father. Now he can hear the television without problems
    with our neighbours. He sits in between the speakers.
    But I had to make a volume control connected by a cable
    of about 4 meters. A voltage-controlled pre-amp is then
    the solution to avoid hum.
    But where to buy the kit???
    I already downloaded the layouts ans I have the parts here.
    But I am not able to make the print.Who can and will help me . Just the print will do. I can drill the holes.
    I saw an shop in South Africa but the charce 40 dollar ans 9 for postage. Here in holland is no shop who sells the kit
    even not in Germany. Please help me.
    Cor den Hollander
    Rotterdam Holland


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