Download sx-emcalc 1.1 electronics calculator

Download sx-emcalc 1.1 electronics calculator

Download sx-emcalc electronics calculator, includes several calculators like calculator for IC LM2576, TL431, MC34063, TL494, KA7500, UC385x, UC384x, NCP3065. 4, 5 and 6 band resistor color code calculators. Heat sink calculator, Zener diode calculator.

Features Download sx-emcalc 1.1 electronics calculator

  • Note: Features marked [SRC] are in source code version yet, [BETA] means work still in progress.
  • Resistor voltage divider (simple with match finder and 3-element with pot trimmer)
  • Basic calculator (current, power, etc.)
  • Calculator for MC34063 (all converter types)
  • LM2576 buck converter + Vout calculator
  • [BETA] NCP3065/66 Buck LED driver calculator
  • TL431 reference calculator + part match finder
  • Zener diode references and calculator
  • LED series resistor (capacitor) calculator
  • Atmel MCU timer calculator (all modes)
  • Voltage drop in a wire/cable
  • Parallel/series element connection
  • Resistor color band decoder
  • Element marking decoder
  • Reactive resistance (L/C) calculator
  • Time-frequency converter
  • SMPS Controller frequency (TL494, KA7500, UC385x, UC384x)
  • SMPS Efficiency
  • Heatsink calculator (single side rectangle only yet)
  • LCD Character Editor (44780, Nokia)
  • [BETA] Comparator calculator
  • OP Amp calculator
  • Wirewound resistor calculator

  Download sx-emcalc 1.1 electronics calculator

Download sx emcalc

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