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A full index of all constructional projects published in Everyday Practical Electronics magazine is available to download. This is available as stand-alone application, an MS Access database and an Excel spreadsheet. The stand-alone version includes the database file and can be used without having Access installed, and allows you to search for projects by description or date. It requires the .NET 2.0 framework; the installation program will check if you already have this installed and will download and install it if not.

The database has details of all constructional projects published since 1992, but doesn’t include details of other features and articles. The index is updated at the end of each year, currently holding details to the end of 2009, and is compiled from the magazine indexes by Electronics 2000. For the official indexes (split by year), details of ordering back issues and more visit EPE’s web site, Please note that Electronics 2000 cannot supply back issues of EPE, for back issues please contact the publishers. Older projects in the database may no longer be available.

Download EPEindex

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