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The great advantage of Flowcode is that it allows users with little or no experience to create complex electronic and robotic systems.
Flowcode is a powerful language that uses flowcharts and macros to facilitate control of complex devices such as 7-segment LED displays, motor controllers, LCD displays and many others. Use of macros allows students and engineers to control complex electronic devices without getting bogged down in understanding the details of programming.
Flowcode is used in education as a means of introducing students to the concepts of programming.
Flowcode is used in the industry for rapid development and for managing large projects.

Features Flowcode V4 For Pic

Flowcode Key Features

Graphical programming
Flowcode uses graphical icons to enable you to quickly develop electronic systems. The easy-to-use interface means those with little experience of programming are able to pick up the fundamentals quickly. The speed of development gives experienced users a fast and proven way to develop their projects.

Component creation
With hundreds of common components already built in to Flowcode, the environment is already set up for integrated development. If you have further components which you require in order to develop your electronic systems, you can easily develop your own component libraries within Flowcode, reducing support and development costs across your projects.

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Test & debug code
Once you have developed your program, the powerful environment gives you the ability to make use of the embedded in-circuit-test (ICT) and in-circuit-debug (ICD) features. These key features give you the confidence you need to ensure the programs you have produced will be effective when compiled to chosen devices.

Arduino, E-blocks & more
E-blocks gives you the ability to prototype your designs using hardware based on a range of PIC, dsPIC, ARM or AVR Arduino microcontrollers. E-blocks are a suite of upstream multiprogrammer, downstream peripheral boards and electronic kits which easily snap together to allow for rapid prototyping of electronic systems. Flowcode acts as an Arduino IDE through support for AVR microcontrollers.

Simulate your programs in 3D
A 3D simulation environment means if you’re working with mechanical designs, you can develop and test the electronic elements of your designs work effectively using Flowcode. Integration with third-party design packages through support for various file formats, means you can directly import designs and bring them to life.

Numerous devices supported
With the suite of microcontrollers supported within the software, we can confidently say there is most certainly a solution offering to meet your needs; whether you are PIC programming, getting started with Arduino, or working with powerful systems controlled using a dsPIC 16-bit microcontroller or ARM 32-bit microcontroller.

Download Flowcode


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  1. got an error code while downloading it said fatal error! I take it it is a 404 error? Thanks.

    Regards John.

    ps. I am using vsta 32 bit if this has any thing to do it?


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