Download Real Pic Simulator – PIC microcontroller simulator

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Real Pic Simulator is a Microchip PIC microcontroller simulator capable of real-time simulation. An integrated disassembler allows examining and exporting the code to assembler code. Debugger allows execution of the program in real-time, at selected speed or step-by-step, using breakpoints. RAM and EEPROM viewer allows the user to inspect RAM and EEPROM memory content. Processor viewer allows users to view the microcontroller’s pin allocation and characteristics. Visual simulator enables visual simulation of the program with visual components (LEDs and Keypads).
Download Real Pic Simulator 1.3 - Pic Microcontroller Simulator

Currently the following visual components are implemented(more to come):

  • LEDs – turn LED on or off
  • UART terminal (software and hardware) – serial communication
  • Analog source – set analog pin values
  • Push button – set inputs high or low
  • Character LCD – display text on LCD
  • Keypad – read up to 4×4 keypads
  • 7 LED segment display – LED display of seven segments
  • Oscilloscope – digital oscilloscope
  • Graphic LCD – display graphics on LCD
  • Buzzer (speaker) – output sound to PC sound card
  • Function generator – customize input streams
  • I2C serial EEPROM memory – simulate a 24C64 (8KBytes) serial memory
  • DS1307 Real Time Clock – read time with I2C protocol

Download Real Pic Simulator


Download Flowcode V4 for AVR

Download Flowcode 6 for PIC – Trial


4 thoughts on “Download Real Pic Simulator – PIC microcontroller simulator”

  1. Bom dia Toni.

    Estou estudando algumas aplicações com pic então acabei por usar o real pic simulator. A aplicação dele é realmente muito simples de se usar. Mas ontem tentei uma coisa:

    Fiz uma compilação no MikroC de um pic16f877, gerei o .hex, testei no real pic simulator e funcionou. Coloquei no ISIS (Proteus) e os bits das portas que setei como entrada não funcionaram mais.

    Sabe dizer por que?



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Crash Course Electronics and PCB Design
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DC circuits, operational amplifiers, EXERCISES, SIMULATIONS