Download Meter and MeterBasic (free) – drawing analog meter scales

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a Windows meterscale drawing program to allow you to design and print professional-quality meter scales on your printer. Nice options include the ability to import a graphic (and resize and place it where you want), make a modern-looking “flattened” scale, use serif or sans-serif fonts of any size and specify the scale colors. And lots more!

hese programs – Meter and MeterBasic – are designed to have a computer do the hard work in making a precision scale for a d’Arsonval analog meter. The resulting scales can appear as nice (or nicer!) as those found on commercial meters.

Download Meterbasic The Windows Programs For Drawing Analog Meter ScalesMeter is a professional-level meterscale drawing program with no time or usage limitations. It requires a text-based key to operate. It is updated frequently.

MeterBasic is a fine program for the hobbyist who wants to generate a simple scale on occasion. MeterBasic is based on a subset of the features found in Meter. It requires no key and has no time or usage limitations. To provide an incentive to upgrade from MeterBasic to Meter, many of the features found in Meter are absent. There are no plans to update this program.

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To upgrade from MeterBasic to Meter, simply download Meter, purchase the key for it and then take advantage of that program’s many wonderful added features.

Download JL Meter Basic (Free)

Download Meter (Paid)


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