Download Control Studio 2 simulation package


Download Control Studio 2 simulation package for prototyping electronic systems, Control Studio 2 is a highly innovative simulation package for prototyping electronic systems.

It provides a rapid method of developing circuit ideas, allowing you to consider different ‘what if?’ scenarios before arriving at a final design solution. Moreover, because Control Studio 2 is compatible with Circuit Wizard, Livewire and PCB Wizard 3, it is easy to turn your ideas into a schematic or PCB.

Download Control Studio 2 Simulation Package
Download Control Studio 2 Simulation Package

Designing Circuits—Creating circuits in Control Studio 2 could not be easier. Simply drag and drop subsystem blocks from the parts gallery onto your document, link them together using connectors and then press the ‘play’ button to begin simulation.

Editing is straightforward too with built-in tools such as panning, zooming, comprehensive clipboard support and a customizable grid. There is also multiple undo/redo so any mistakes can be rectified instantly.

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Simulation—Control Studio 2 is powered by the same simulation engine as Livewire, so circuits are precisely modelled to give very accurate results. Together with extensive animation and sound, Control Studio 2 provides an ideal environment where you can get immediately involved in using a systems approach to solve ‘real life’ problems.

Conversion to circuit diagrams—A new feature of Control Studio 2 is the ability to generate circuit diagrams. This is particularly useful because it allows you to take your design one step further and either simulate it in Circuit Wizard / Livewire or use it as the basis for circuit board production in Circuit Wizard / PCB Wizard 3.

Conversion to a circuit diagram is simple as you are led through each stage of the process one step at a time. At the end, when you have specified how you want your design converted, Control Studio 2 will let you link to either Circuit Wizard, Livewire or PCB Wizard 3 before automatically generating a circuit diagram.

Gallery—Control Studio 2 features a comprehensive gallery of subsystem blocks that include switches, sensors, logic, counters, amplifiers, drivers and output components. Many new ones have been added and there are now nearly 50 from which to choose (40 in the Standard edition).

Data Sheets—Control Studio 2 contains interactive Data Sheets which provide useful hints and tips together with circuit diagrams and curriculum learning material. Their aim is to get you up and running as quickly as possible and to assist when seeking reference data or designing circuits.

Download Control Studio 2 simulation package for prototyping electronic systems

Download Control Studio std (5.65 MB)

Download Control Studio pro (5.65 MB)

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