Download Multisim 11 NI Circuit Design Suite Professional


Download Multisim 11 NI Circuit Design Suite academic and Professional trial. Multisim equips educators, students, and professionals with the tools to analyze circuit behavior. The intuitive and easy-to-use software platform combines schematic capture and industry-standard SPICE simulation into a single integrated environment. Multisim abstracts the complexities and difficulties of traditional syntax-based simulation, so you no longer need to be an expert in SPICE to simulate and analyze circuits. Multisim is available in two distinct versions to meet the teaching needs of educators or the design needs of professionals. Old Electronic Workbench.

Download Ni Multisim 11 Version Academic And Professional + Ultiboard 11 Ni Circuit Design Suite 11
Download Multisim 11 Ni Circuit Design Suite Professional

Multisim Education for Circuits Teaching

Multisim makes it easier to engage students and reinforce theory. Educators worldwide are using the academic features of the Multisim education edition to foster learning and guide student exploration of circuit concepts. Using “what-if” experiments and simulation-driven instruments to visualize circuit behavior, students gain intuition and a deeper understanding of circuit concepts

Multisim Professional for Circuit Design and Prototyping

Engineers, researchers, and domain experts use the Multisim environment for schematic capture, SPICE simulation, and circuit design. Without needing any expertise in SPICE, engineers can use simulation to reduce prototype iterations earlier in the design flow. Multisim can be used to identify errors, validate design behavior, and prototype faster. Schematics can then be transferred to NI Ultiboard layout to prototype completed printed circuit boards (PCBs).

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NI Ultiboard – Printed Circuit Board Layout and Routing

Ultiboard provides an easy and intuitive platform to design printed circuit boards (PCBs). The flexible Ultiboard design environment offers automated functionality for speed and manual techniques for precise control. With complete integration to NI Multisim, Ultiboard helps you optimize PCB design. Quickly prototype whether for professional designs or academic research.

  • Intuitive, user-friendly layout and routing tools to easily define PCBs
  • Flexible environment optimized for accurate or quick part and copper placement
  • Seamless integration with Multisim to ensure easy transfer of design iterations
  • Easy export to industry-standard Gerber or DXF formats for prototyping and fabrication
Ni Ultiboard – Printed Circuit Board Layout And Routing
Download Multisim 11 Ni Circuit Design Suite Professional

NI Circuit Design Suite, Multisim 11

  • Take advantage of easy-to-use circuit simulation and prototyping tools
  • Capture and simulate circuit designs with powerful NI Multisim software
  • Easily design circuits with intuitive and cost-effective design tools
  • Quickly improve circuit behavior with interactive SPICE simulation
  • Seamlessly transition to NI Ultiboard for PCB layout and routing
  • Reduce design errors with leading analog simulation capabilities

The NI Circuit Design Suite combines NI Multisim and Ultiboard software for a complete circuit design, simulation, validation, and layout platform. The suite is attractively priced for substantial savings over purchasing individual software packages.

Multisim is an intuitive environment for circuit design. With advanced mixed-mode simulation and validation, this software offers professional tools for your research and prototyping. And using a comprehensive library of components, you can easily build and validate circuit behavior.

Ultiboard is a flexible PCB layout and routing environment. Easily transfer completed Multisim schematics to Ultiboard and layout, route, and export completed designs for fabrication.

Download NI Multisim 11 for Educators and Students – trial version
Download Multisim Educator

Download NI Multisim 11 For Professionals trial version
Download Multisim pro

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