Download Scope2k4 PC based 4 channel oscilloscope

Download Scope2k4 PC-based 4-channel oscilloscope

Scope2k4 is a PC-based 4-channel oscilloscope. This program turns your computer into a basic oscilloscope, which can measure 4 analog signals, using the standard LPT port of the computer. The user can open previously saved data into the current measurement session and show/hide individual traces. The program supports a double XY mode. New feature in version 1.7 is the FFT / Frequency Analyze feature. Sample your signals and analyze the frequency content of each signal.

Download Scope2K4 Pc-Based 4-Channel Oscilloscope
Download Scope2K4 Pc-Based 4-Channel Oscilloscope

Download Scope2k4 Manual

Click on the link below to download the PDF version of the scope2k4 manual. In this manual, you can read everything you need to know on how to setup the hardware, install the Scope2k4 software correctly and use the program. Scope2k4_Manual.PDF

Download Scope2k4

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