Download CNC Freak Resistor 1.2 Free conversion tool

CNC Freak Resistor Free conversion tool to convert Ohm value to all the SI prefix formats

Download CNC Freak Resistor 1.2 Free conversion tool, to convert Ohm value to all the SI prefix formats. Also, the resistor is drawed with the correct band color for the current Ohm value. You can also generate the Ohm value by selecting the band color/multiplication and tolerance, or by selecting the voltage you will use in your circuit. Version 1.2 has removed the old “By Voltage” section with a new and improved one “By Formula”.

Cnc Freak Resistor Free Conversion Tool To Convert Ohm Value To All The Si Prefix Formats
Download Cnc Freak Resistor 1.2 Free Conversion Tool

CNC Freak – Resistor is a wonderful program designed for those who like to make electronic circuits and experiment with electronics. The program can help you to identify the resistance of any resistor. Because of the small size of resistors, their resistance and specifications cannot be printed on them, so they use a color code combination to define them. Remembering color codes for each resistor is impossible for anyone, and creating charts can take most of one’s precious time.
Using the program, you can know about your resistor by just defining the colors of stripes on it. You can also switch between the 4 and 5 bands of resistors. The best feature of the program is its formula calculator that can get you the color code for a resistor wanted by voltage or resistance. Then you can just use the color code to search for the needed resistor in your electronics kit or broken stereos around you.
The program is no doubt a unique and very useful tool for electronic engineers, students, and hobbyists who like to play with their DIY (do it yourself) electronics projects.

Download CNC Freak Resistor 1.2 Free conversion tool

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