Download sprintFont plugin for Sprint-Layout v6.0

SprintFont is a plugin for Sprint-Layout v6 2021 and newer version. Insert text in other fonts, Import the footprint from Kicad EasyEDA, Insert Qrcode, Supports auto-routing.

Features sprintFont for Sprint-Layout v6.0

  • Insert text in other fonts
  • Import the footprint from Kicad/EasyEDA
  • Insert the SVG image
  • Insert Qrcode
  • Supports auto-routing
  • Add teardrop pads
  • Rounded-tracks feature

Usage sprintFont plugin for Sprint-Layout v6.0 import Kicad EasyEDA for Sprint-Layout

Install plugin
Decompress sprintFont to a directory, open Sprint-Layout v6.0 2021 and newer version, click menu [“Extras” / “Define Plugin”]

Sprintfont For Sprint-Layout Plugin

Locate the sprintFont.exe

Sprintfont For Sprint-Layout Plugin

Execute the plugin by clicking menu [“Extras” / “Run Plugin”]

Sprintfont For Sprint-Layout Plugin

Insert text in other fonts in Sprint Layout PCB

Switch to the “Font” page
Choose a font and change some parameters for your application.

Sprintfont For Sprint-Layout Plugin

Return to Sprint-Layout by clicking “OK”, the text you entered will be “sticky” on the mouse, move to the desired position and click the mouse to drop it. If the layer “C2 (Back copper)” or “S2 (Back silkscreen)” is selected, the font is automatically mirrored horizontally.

Sprintfont For Sprint-Layout Plugin

For unicode symbols in font file, you can digit “\u1234” to insert it into Sprint-Layout (replace 1234 with the unicode code of symbol)

Import footprint from Kicad and EasyEDA for Sprint-Layout

Disclaimer: I am not responsible for any loss caused by the incorrect package imported by this plugin. If you do not agree with this disclaimer, please stop using this plugin immediately.

Switch to the “Footprint” page

Import footprint from Kicad PCB for Sprint-Layout 6

Kicad installer is already packaged with numerous footprint libraries. If you would rather not install Kicad, you can just download the libraries from this link Kicad official libraries, in addition, many component search websites also provide footprint library in Kicad format, such as Component Search Engine.

Click the button on the right side of the text box to select the footprint kicad_mod file in your machine to import to Sprint-Layout. It is compatible with Kicad_v5 and Kicad_v6 format.

Import footprint from EasyEDA PCB for Sprint-Layout 6

If you want to import the footprint from EasyEDA, the first thing is to find the LCSC part code of the component, you can go to the website EasyEDA site, Click the “Library” in the left navigation bar, search and pick the LCSC part code at the bottom of the page.

Digit the LCSC code in the text box, press Enter or click the “Ok” button to import it.

Insert SVG image and Qrcode in Sprint-Layout PCB

This plugin also supports the importation of SVG vector graphics, but it does not implement all SVG commands internally, so it can only support simple graphics, such as LOGO.

Other functions see on the project’s Github

Download sprintFont 1.5.2


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