The consolidation of JLCPCB & EasyEDA PCB Design, Make, Assembly

The consolidation of JLCPCB & EasyEDA  PCB Design, Make, Assembly

 JLCPCB and EasyEDA assembled. The core reason of Co-branding is for better serving the coming future electronic products and the coming future tech-world. JLCPCB is known as a multilayer PCBs integrated circuits manufacturer, which owns 5 independent factories and an order-friendly global PCB company.EasyEDA is known as the world’s first web-based EDA tool and cloud-based EDAtool

EasyEDA’s tech stability and maturity and JLCPCB’s great production scale are the strongest assets for the consolidation. The deep link of two integrates technical resources, computing resources, and operating resources for future challenges of mobile phone hotspots, free WIFI, and 5G, etc.

The EasyEDA tech sector’s like-mindedness is a software tool to serve engineers, not driven by software tools. So Cloud-based features allow electronic engineers to browse the PCB design everywhere, during the nap of a business trip, when the nap of a vacation journey, when the way back home, anywhere, anytime to access your files easily.JLCPCB constantly pursues growth and progress. In the current technology world, people need to think big, then make big. Creativity and practice are what JLCPCB keeps doing. The supply of low-cost and high-quality PCBs allows JLCPCB to gain 800000+customers worldwide, so they assembled to face challenges together.

EDA used to be the most profitable of the IC industry, and the practitioners are also the most knowledgeable and intelligent group. However,  with the low threshold for entrepreneurship, more and more people are joining the competition and finally, it becomes seriously competitive, but this urges EDA practitioners’ skill to be refined. After decades of competition and annexation, a few EDA companies have now become dominant. The combination of EasyEDA and JLCPCB conforms to the trend, brings healthy competition to the industry, and provides stable financial and human resources for R&D.

However, in-depth technology R&D can’t be achieved via any quickness. Therefore, JLCPCB & EasyEDA has consensus: they have to stably develop technology,  long and profoundly when some stakeholders pursue rapid tech development. This also makes EasyEDA and JLCPCB choose to be more closely integrated.

Division & Cooperation in the Technological World

The upgraded network technology foundation, the upgraded demands. Global division and collaboration is already the trend of product completion, which are carried out on the basis of internet-based products. internet-based products refer to tangible products or intangible services that use the Internet as a tool to meet customer’s needs and help to achieve commercial value. We can see Internet-based product logic from the two. Free and easy to use is the value of EasyEDA. JLCPCB‘s winning points are low price and convenience.Their multilayer PCBs manufacturing service accepts 1-6 layer boards which only cost from $2. When customers need a powerful PCB layout and simulation capability with massive libraries of schematic components in order to push forward PCB mass production; When customers need comprehensive system solutions, which provides manufacturing processes Technology,  hi-tech intellectual property licenses, emerging technology knowledge, etc they are more appreciated.The consolidation of JLCPCB and EasyEDA become valuable.

The final electronic products come from the global labor division, when the American engineer has finished his Gerber design on EasyEDA, one clicks to upload his file on the JLCPCB page, then waits for the local DHL staff to deliver the PCB to his door. Task division of design, production, and delivery links all. When the production link between countries no longer occurs after the final production but occurs at every stage of product research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and operation management, the whole production networks have shared the good result of high-tech industries, like the links between clients and JLCPCB & EasyEDA.

Back to the PCB industry, there are three major characteristics of PCB and EDA industries, including industrial innovation, high demand for professionals, and prosperous M&A activities. M & A activity is the key to expanding market share and deepening the level of technology. Take Synopsys as an example. It was established in 1986. According to industry statistics, since the late 1990s, it has successively acquired more than 40 small EDA companies and silicon intellectual property companies. Now of course M&A activities get more common for this industry.1+1 may be greater than 2, and the same is true for customer groups and integrated technical resources. Now JLCPCB has 800,000 + customers, with EasyEDA tens of thousands of users every day, the combination of the two can bring convenience to clients, and can also make the development of the two profitable, tap non-overlapping customers, and experience new of each other’s services. This is a manifestation of the progress of software and hardware cooperation and a symbol of the division and cooperation of technical products.

EasyEDA was established in June 2010, 60 years after the first EDA. It is based on the web, with schematic capture, spice circuit simulation, and PCB layout tool for electronics engineers. The developers of EasyEDA, Dillon He, set out to create a PCB design software tool that provides comprehensive data and collaboration tools to help engineers and designers move from idea to product more easily and quickly, so EasyEDA was born.

EDA is a process of transforming hardware principles into real objects,  it is more like a carrier to show the mindset. It is divided into two major branches: microelectronics and hardware boards. EasyEDA serves hardboard circuits, which are used for electronic watches, mobile phones, switchboards in the computer room, they all contain hardware boards. It insisted on cloud-based tools from the start and never changed. The concept of EasyEDA cannot be accepted by some people, who don’t trust their designs on the alien servers, or so-kind web-based services. The founder, Mr. He said: “ Perhaps EasyEDA needs to wait, wait for free WIFI widespread, wait for the speedy Internet, wait for everyone’s copyright awareness, wait for everyone to accept the new model, and wait for the change of user habits.”  For the distrust of cloud file storage security, EasyEDA has promised if the tool is shut down they would open-source their code and provide adequate time to download files. “Therefore we can only serve those who have the same value.” He also pointed out. Engineers are always so cool!

Mr. He sometimes is tender. “A loyal EasyEDA user expressed that he is a loyal user of cloud products. He will give priority to products that can be cloud-based. He firmly believes that the comprehensive advantages of cloud products are greater than the desktop stand-alone version. He trusts JLC’s professional team to protect my data. However, he needs a sense of security, and he needs to know that one day he will be able to open his design locally. Maybe this day will never come for me, but you’d better provide this function, although I may not use it.”Therefore he decided to provide the function. When downloading the client-side, offline version and the online version offered. Project data for the offline version will not be sent to the EasyEDA’s server and kept by themselves; for the online version, while the files are saved to the EasyEDA server, it will also be saved to a personal computer with double insurance.

The offline version is expected to serve just a few users among tens of thousands of users each day. They made such an endeavor to meet the needs of a sense of security.

Higher quality PCB, higher trust

 JLCPCB is a global company that owns 5 independent factories, not in the shared factory. Since PCB manufacturing activities become more open, sharing, collaborative, and flexible, shared factories are used by some PCB companies who don’t have enough manufacturing capabilities or just play a middle role between PCB customers and PCB factories. It means when you order a PCB from a company that uses a shared factory, the PCB is produced in an unknown fab. Of course, we have to admit this new mode meets some consumer’s needs when people don’t care where and how the PCB is produced. However, the board’s reliability is very important to the end products, especially for electronic hardware products. The trust builds on the product quality when you upload your Gerber file on JLCPCB. They produce it in their own 5 big plants. Quality is the life of PCB, choosing trusted merchants and trusted merchants’ factories is vital for the end product.

How to perfectly cater to the needs of consumers and ensure the quality of service while also continuously improving, so that more people around the world can benefit? They keep an open and accepting attitude, listen to the needs of consumers: besides the PCB prototype, improving SMT services is also becoming more and more important for PCB consumers.JLCPCB just published the news of the JLCPCB SMT Road Map, they will support 80% of components assemble in LCSC in 2021, now is just 20%; they will support double sides assembly, now is just single side; they will support more quantity SMT assembly in the near future. 2021, is also a great year for JLCPCB SMT. The news gains a lot of good feedback on Twitter. Actually many people know JLCPCBfrom some famous makers, like GreatScott, AlexGyver, HacksmithIndustries, when they are using JLCPCB, what keeps you waiting?

JLCPCB & EasyEDA is in line with international standards for  in-depth research and development for software technology and hardware technology. The entire process needs electronic engineers’ participation,suggestions,modification, and re-research. They believe technology serves engineers or creators. Therefore, JLCPCB & EasyEDA reorganizes and integrates resources and starts anew to make greater progress, striving to meet the habits and preferences of more users, non-stop unique experience, Only then can their existence be valuable. JLCPCB & EasyEDA trust in long and stable joint effort can  achieve in-depth technology, then you can believe in them. It is so called Design, Make, Then trust

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