Circuit amplifier for head phone op-50

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Amplifier Schematic for headphone using op-50

For Pre amplifying of signal of low potency, the earnings of the amplifier can be increased reducing the value of R1 in agreement with the formula:


For a version stereo they are necessary two same amplifiersAmplificador-Fone

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Performance of the circuit: (Vout = 6Vrms, R1=4k©)

T.H.D @ 100HZ = 0.0025%
@ 1KHZ = 0.003%
@ 10KHZ = 0.011%
Relationship sign noise p5; 80dB
answer = ±0.4dB from 10Hz to 20Khz

Band with = -3dB @ 56KHz

For more information to do download of the datasheet of the op-50


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