TDA2005 amplifier circuit diagram 20w Bridge

Circuit power amplifier 20w Bridge amplifier for car audio with Tda 2005

TDA2005 amplifier circuit diagram 20w Bridge, The TDA2005 is a class B dual audio power amplifier in Multiwatt11 package specifically designed for car radio applications. Power booster amplifiers can be easily designed using this device that provides a high current capability (up to 3.5 A) and can drive very low impedance loads (down to 1.6 Ω in stereo applications) obtaining an output power of more than 20 W (bridge configuration).

High output power : PO = 10 + 10 W@RL =2Ω, d = 10% ; PO = 20W@RL =4Ω, d=1%.
High reliability of the chip and package, with additional complete safety during operation thanks to protection against :

  • Output dc and ac short circuit to ground
  • Overrating chip temperature
  • Load dump voltage surge
  • Fortuitous open ground
  • Very inductive loads
  • High output power:Po = 10 + 10 W @ RL = 2 Ω, THD = 10%
  • Po = 20 W @ RL = 4 Ω, THD = 10%.
  • Protection against:Output DC and AC short circuit to ground
  • Overrating chip temperature
  • Load dump voltage surge
  • Fortuitous open ground
  • Very inductive loads
  • Loudspeaker protection during short circuit for one wire to ground

Flexibility in use : bridge or stereo booster amplifiers with or without boostrap and with programmable gain and bandwidth.
Space and cost saving : very low number of external components, very simple mounting system with no electrical isolation between the package and the heat sink (one screw only).
In addition, the circuit offers loudspeaker protection during short circuit for one wire to ground.

In the schematic above we have the circuit diagram with bridged tda2005, at IN-1 we have the audio signal input, which connects at P1 a 100k potentiometer to make the volume adjustment. Then the DC signal is isolated from the IC input by C2 of 2.2µF.

  • R1 of 120k – Optimizes the output symmetry, increase the value of Po max (maximum RMS power)
  • R6 and R7 – Set the gain by feedback in bridge amplifier mode
  • R3 and R4 1 Ohms – Frequency stability, changing these values may cause frequency stability.
  • C1 2.2µF-Decouples the DC voltage from the amplifier input
  • C2 2.2µF – Optimizes shutdown delay
  • C4 and C11 – 100nF and 1000µF – power supply bypass.
  • C6 10µF – Ripple rejection
  • C7 and C8 100µF – Bootstrapping
  • C9 and C10 220µF – DC input decoupling from feedback circuit
  • C3 and C5 – Frequency stability
  • TDA2005 – Bridge mode audio power amplifier integrated circuit.
  • Recommended power supply – 12 to max. 18 volts / 2 amps.

Schematic diagram for power amplifier tda2005

Tda2005 Power Amplifier Schematic Diagram

Suggested PCB – amplifier tda2005 Bridge

Tda2005 Power Amplifier Pcb
Tda2005 Power Amplifier Pcb Layout

BOM for assembling the amplifier with tda2005

Last Update: 11/29/2021 13:06

Part Value Description Quantity
Resistors 1/4W
R1 120K Brown, red, orange, gold 1
R2 1K Brown, black, red, gold 1
R3, R4 1 Brown, black, gold 2
R5 2K Red, black, red, gold 1
R6, R7 12 Brown, red, black, gold 2
C1, C2 2.2uF/25v Brown, red, black, gold 2
C3, C5 100nF (104) Ceramic Capacitor 2
C4 100nF (104) Capacitor film 1
C6 10uF/25v Electrolytic capacitor 1
C7, C8 100uF/25v Electrolytic capacitor 2
C9, C10 220uF/25v Electrolytic capacitor 2
C11 1000uF/25v Electrolytic capacitor 1
IC1 TDA2005R Audio amplifier integrated circuit. 1
CN1 IN Jst Xh2 connector 2.54 mm pitch or equivalent. 1
OUT Audio Output Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
PWR DC power supply Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm 1
P1 100k Potentiometer 1
Solder, Wires, Housing for the circuit, PCB, heat sink for the TDA, power supply, etc.

All capacitors for 25V or higher

For a stereo version mount two identical units, and you can use a single source sized for stereo version.
Download schematic + board to be edited in Eagle

Download PDF

Download PDF datasheet IC TDA2005 TDA2005R TDA2005T


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