lm1877 circuit audio amplifier LM1877N 2W


LM1877 circuit audio amplifier LM1877N 2W, circuit of power amplifier stereo using lm1877 for 2 watts. The lm1877 is an amplifier stereo developed to supply 2W / channel in loads of 8 ohms, It was drawn to work with the minimum of external components. Turning him/it a circuit integrated flexible that it can be used in several applications of audio amplification, as amplifier stereo for record player, amplifier for radios am fm stereo. The lm1877 can be used in your drawings of circuits where it is necessary an audio amplifier of 2 w stereo.

The LM1877 is a monolithic dual power amplifier designed to deliver 2W/channel continuous into 8 Ω loads. The LM1877 is designed to operate with a low number of external components, and still provide flexibility for use in stereo phonographs, tape recorders and AM-FM stereo receivers. Each power amplifier is biased from a common internal regulator to provide high power supply rejection, and output Q point centering. The LM1877 is internally compensated for all gains greater than 10.

lm1877 circuit audio amplifier LM1877N 2W Features

  • 2W/Channel
  • −65 dB Ripple Rejection, Output Referred
  • −65 dB Channel Separation, Output Referred
  • Wide Supply Range, 6V–24V
  • Very Low Cross-Over Distortion
  • Low Audio Band Noise
  • AC Short Circuit Protected
  • Internal Thermal Shutdown

lm1877 circuit diagram audio amplifier LM1877N 2W

Lm1877 Circuit Diagram Audio Amplifier Lm1877N 2W
Lm1877 Circuit Diagram Audio Amplifier Lm1877N 2W


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