TDA2030 2.1 amplifier board subwoofer circuit diagram

Power Amplifier with Subwoofer – TDA2030 and Ne5532 – 2 x 18 Watts + 30 W Bass

TDA2030 2.1 amplifier board subwoofer circuit diagram. This circuit is typical of systems sold for 2.1 PC surround systems, left and right channel and subwoofer. Just plugging in the stereo audio and adjust the volume.

Audio amplifier circuit using integrated TDA2030 and op amp Ne5532, has two stereo amplifiers left and right satellite and Bass amplifier using TDA2030 in bridge for more power. The filter is made by double operational amplifier Ne5532. Complete assembly with the suggestion of the printed circuit board and has a power supply coupled to the circuit.

This circuit is a remake of another already posted on the Blog, but with some changes, uses two TDA IC’s to bridge to the subwoofer amp, with a new board design with some improvements. The idea is that to achieve maximum 18 Watts satellites and the outputs 32 watts in Subwoofer … This power with a maximum of + -18 Volts Speakers and 4 Ω. The circuit has adjustable volume for the stereo and subwoofer. Use pots of good quality to make this work.

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By making the assembly check all connections and all components are correctly positioned, and the orientation of the PCB, be mounted inverted not seen it work, the components have to be positioned as illustrated above. When mounting, make sure that the pin 7812 is different from 7912. Use a good heat sink to the TDA IC’s.

The power supply  is already fixed in the PCB and only add the transformer, to be with center tap on the secondary and primary according to the network (110/220). The capacitors can be supply of the  4.700μF at 10.000μF, the resistors are in parallel to discharge these capacitors Great. Always use good quality components in its assembly.

The appropriate transformer to the circuit, according to my withdrawal, must be at least 3 A transformer or to the 60VA 12-0-12 Volts.

Schematic TDA2030 2.1 amplifier board subwoofer circuit diagram

Schematic Silk Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram
Schematic Silk Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram

Suggested Printed Circuit Board PCB TDA2030 2.1 amplifier board subwoofer circuit diagram

Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram
Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram


Pcb Component View Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram
Pcb Component View Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram
Pcb Component Silk Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram
Pcb Component Silk Tda2030 2.1 Amplifier Board Subwoofer Circuit Diagram

BOM for assembling the power amplifier with Subwoofer using TDA2030 and Ne5532


Part Value
Resistor 1/4W 5%
R1, R11, R22, 470 – Yellow, violet, brown, gold
R2, R7 22k/1W – Red, Red, Orange, Gold,
R3, R12, R23, 33k – Orange, Orange, Orange, Gold
R4, R18 4.7k – Yellow, Violet, Red, Gold
R5, R13, R14, R16, R17, R21, R26 22K – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R6, R15, R19, R20, R29 10 – Brown, Black, Black, Gold
R8, R9 10k – Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
R10, R24 680 – Blue, green, brown, gold
R25, R27, R28 100k – Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold
C1, C7, C11, C12, C18, C21, C25, C26, C29, C31, C37, C38, C44 10µF/25V — Electrolytic capacitor
C2, C32, C33, C34, C35, C36, C40, C43, C45 4.700µF a 10.000µF/25V — Electrolytic capacitor
C3, C8, C13, C15, C19, C28 100n (104) — Ceramic Capacitor
C4, C9 100µF/25V — Electrolytic capacitor
C5, C13, C15, C22, C23, C24 100n (104) — polyester capacitor
C6, C16, C27 2n2 (222) — polyester capacitor
C10, C17 1uF (105) — polyester capacitor
C14, C20 22µF/25V — Electrolytic capacitor
C41, C42 220p — Ceramic Capacitor
B1 KBU8B – Rectifier bridge – 8A 200V or equivalent.
IC3 7812T – Positive Voltage Regulator +12 V Any prefix (LM, NS, KA, etc.).
IC1 7912T – Negative voltage regulator -12V. Any prefix (LM, NS, KA, etc.).
IC2, IC4, IC5, IC7 TDA2030 or TDA2030A, or LM1875
IC6 NE5532 or equivalent – Dual Integrated Circuit Operational Amplifier
LED1 Led 5 mm any color
AC Terminal block 3 pin 5.08 mm for the transformer
L-IN Terminal block 2 pins 5.08 mm —  Left channel audio input
L-OUT Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm –  Left channel audio output
R-IN Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm –  Audio input right channel
R-OUT Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm –  Audio output right channel
SUB Terminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm – Subwoofer audio output
P1 50k – 47K or 50k – Dual logarithmic potentiometer, Master Volume Adjustment
P2 50k – 47K or 50k – Single pot – Adjust the volume of the subwoofer.
Solder, 12 +12 / 4 A transformers, Wires, Amplifier box, PCB, heatsink for the TDA ICs, etc.

*See text

The capacitors must have a minimum working voltage of 25V for the electrolytic ones and 50V for the others.
Download the files for this assembly – PCB in PDF, component side plate in PDF, component mask (silk screen), schematic in PDF, Datasheet TDA2030A and NE5532.

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105 thoughts on “TDA2030 2.1 amplifier board subwoofer circuit diagram”

  1. Did you tell me which power rating this PCB should be suited? I have used 12-0-12 2Amps transformer, it burned both the ICs of the subwoofer, same problem!

  2. Hello,

    I purchased a Soundbar with subwoofer in 2018 as follows:

    Majority 150W TV Sound Bar Wireless Subwoofer with Bluetooth Optical Audio

    The Subwoofer connects properly via Wifi but the sound coming out is practically non-existent. I asked a technician friend of mine to have a look and he told me that the PCB needs to be replaced. Since I’m a non-technie where these things are concerned, can you please tell me if you can send me a replacement part or what specifications you would need to know before being able to answer me. I would appreciate an estimate cost for sending me the replacement part if it’s possible. I live in Malta (Europe).

    I look forward to your kind and positive response.

    Thanks and regards,

  3. Did you tell me which power rating this PCB should be suited? I have used 12-0-12 2Amps transformer, it burned both the ICs of the subwoofer.

  4. tyour Suggested Printed Circuit Board 2.1 audio amplifier with Subwoofer Amplifier PCB can i derect oder to JLCPCB?.

  5. Ola Toni, grat job is any possibility to get original grabel data or source file, i need for my cnc machine.

  6. Ola Toni, grat job is any possibility to get original grabel data or source file, i need for my cnc machine.

  7. Hi toni,

    very nice work ..great :)

    which software u r using to make designs plz advise ..what r d charges for making design as i have 2 amp schemetics & want to make pcbs ..plz reply on my whatsapp if possible

    Niraj panchal
    +91 9426801184

  8. HI,
    i`m in the middle of this project, i found many differences between pcb labeled components and parts list you gave on site, plz tell me should i follow components of pcb Diagram or Components list on website ?
    R27 is 100k or 10k
    C13 & C15 Ceremic or polyester, you mentioned both
    R19 10 or 10K
    R18 10 or 4.7k

    btw thanks for this project , i will be waiting for your reply .,

  9. what is the size of pcb

    it will be a pleasure if you reply this, as many of us are stuck due to size problem
    Sunain Rizwan

  10. dear tony,
    what is the height and width of this pcb?i was going to order that circuit to be printed then they asked me about the dimensions.can you help me please? btw very nice work.

  11. On the 2.1 Amplifier with Subwoofer using a TDA2030 & NE5532. Can the TDA2030 be replaced by TDA2050 using the same circuit for a little more output. I hope you can help.

  12. Dear Toni,

    I assemble the pcb. after i have two problem in there.
    first one is bass is not clear another one is one Chanel sound is very minimum.
    Plz toni help me soon as possible.

  13. Dear Toni,

    I asenbled to thise obe. But after asembel op amp ic was too hot. After i change the ic. It’s ok. But bass not clear & one speaker chanel sound is minimun than nother chanel. Plz help me…. 🙏🏾🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏😢

  14. Hi Toni,
    Bridge tda 2030 not out of sound, because not have resistor and electrolyte. please look at schematic bridge tda 2030, you can see differences them. Correct me If I wrong, Huge for you!

    • Oh yeah, please look at schematic TDA 2030 in Bridge Mode, U can see at PIN number 2, That pin is differences. please add resistor 47ohm And resistor 470. thank you.

      • Hi friend,
        I think you can help me… problem is bass is not clear & one chanel sound is too minimum than nother chanel… plz help me bro… 🙏🙏

  15. I had assemble your sugested diagram but when i am connecting the woofer 4ohms 25w the transformer is geting over heated in 30min. What shall I do please help me.

  16. Hi! Tony, I am going to assemble your circuit but you please guide me that how should I add a pot for terrable in this circuit. You had given power trans. of 3A it will be suitable for it the ic2030 will not get heated or I will put 1A. You please suggest me please.

  17. is the value given in parts list is correct?(C9, C11, C12, C14, C18, C21, C25, C26 is 10µF/25v – Polyester Film Capacitor)

  18. I have a transformer with dual secondary 16V. After the rectifying I will bi +22v,-22V. The maximum supply voltage for the TDA2030 is +-18V. Will this transformer blow the ICs?

  19. Hi Xtronic, please help me to get this items, where can i buy this project as DIY i myself will assemble it..
    i am very much interested in this circuit..where can i order this..please help me..

  20. Hi Toni. what is the value of capacitor C2 and C7? is it 4700 or 10000 mf mf? I did not find 10000 mf capacitor? And can i use KBU8B 10A instead of 8? And Also can i got TDA2030A ICs instead of tda2030V .. Should it work?

    please tell me detail about the transformer used in this circuit…!

    thank u for showing this circuit and parts name….i have tried many of other circuits….but there is no clear description of parts and there no no power supply circuit diagram for that project.

  22. Bro..i have interest in making this amplifier..but some builders replyed its not fully configured,and the bridging is not well…can you plz give some updated one with corrected issues ….thnx…and wishes for your great future projects……

  23. I make it and … I lost (burn) my IC (SUB-) TDA2030 twice in each 10 seconds T_T .I think the bridge diagram is different from another common bridge diagram. Something strange…

    So i takeoff the SUB- IC and make it to 3x18W (Subwoffer 18Watt same sattlelite) It Ok!!.

    Sound is loud (for me) Bass sound is ok but I not finish yet. It must to burn about 6 hours to hear real sound…

  24. hi the sch of the bridged tda2030 is different from datasheet it ok to do this project.if any one had tested then plz say how it works.thankyou.

  25. the connections of ne5532n are ok that is v+ and v-…but for the IC’s tda2030v the pins are labelled as vdd and vss…..could u tell me where to hook up those vss and vdd….i mean is vdd–>v+ and vss–>v-….or does the ground wire come in the picture….thanks in advance!


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