Circuit audio power amplifier btl tda7052

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The TDA7052 is a mono output amplifier designed for battery-fed portable audio applications, such as tape recorders and radios.
The gain is fixed internally at 40 dB. A large number of tape recorders and radios are still designed for mono sound, plus a space-saving trend by reduction of the number of battery cells. This means a decrease in supply voltage which results in an reduction of output power. To compensate for this reduction, the TDA7052 uses the Bridge-Tied-Load principle (BTL) which can deliver an output power of 1,2 W (THD = 10%) into an 8Ω load with a power supply of 6 V. The load can be short-circuited at each signal excursion. The TDA7052 is a mono output amplifier in a 8-lead dual-in-line (DIL) plastic package. The device is designed for battery-fed portable audio applications.


  • No external components
  • No switch-on or switch-off clicks
  • Good overall stability
  • Low power consumption
  • No external heatsink required
  • Short-circuit proof

This is Super Small and mini Power Amplifier BTL 1W with TDA7052. If you are seeking the circuit amplifies small-sized. I begs for to advise this circuit because tiny economize with the equipment is a little. And still can use force against large-sized get comfortably ( I has tried already ) besides it still is low voltage amplifier circuit that  volts power supply very wide be about 1.5V arrive at 15V as well. It is tiny size and can adjust volume by VR1. Regard as IC TDA7052 be worthwhile very much. For you who want to try build this circuit.
Include PCB board.

Schematic TDA7052 amplifier

Amplifier TDA7052 schematic

PCB for assembly of the amplifier

Amplifier TDA7052 PCB
Amplifier TDA7052 PCB

Part list

C110µF/16v Capacitor electrolytic
C2100nF – Capacitor ceramic
C3100µF/16V- Capacitor electrolytic
INTerminal block connector 2 screws – Audio input
OUTTerminal block connector 2 screws – Audio output
VCCTerminal block connector 2 screws – Power supply
P110k – Potentiometer to adjust volume
Printed circuit board, Weld, wires, power supply or battery – 3 to 12 volt, etc.

Download PCB + Datasheet PDF + library for Cadsoft Eagle tda7052.lbr
Download PDF   Download PDF


Circuit adjustable power supply 7805

Potent audio amplifier transistor 2n3055


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  1. Good job. My best wishes for u 1st. Could u please upload some high power mono amplifier schematics and PCB layouts using TDA 7293 with more than 150w rms

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