Download Electronic Calculator 2.1

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Electronic Calculator is far more than just another resistor calculator. It can be used to calculate resistor and capacitor colors and values, convert between resistors and capacitor units (R, K, M, pF, nF, uF, mF), calculate series & parallel connections for resistors & capacitors, work with ohms law, create data files (e.g. for resistor info or any textual information), calculate in line resistor and capacitor droppers, calculate frequency conversions, inductive and capacitive reactance, coil frequencies, resonance and view stored images for reference. Simple user interface, with colour coded input and results fields and hints on all controls.

Download ElecCalc 2


Donwload Solve Elec 2.5 free electronic electric tool

Download Electronics Genius 1.0.68


1 thought on “Download Electronic Calculator 2.1”

  1. NICE!
    I found this while I looking for simple 2.1 stereo circuits.
    The WinISD Pro speaker designer is not what I need.
    I have speakers, from a Koss home theater system.
    I just need to found some simple 2.1 stereo circuits.
    The speakers (4) are 6 ohm 80 watts, & the bass is 6 ohm 100 watts.


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