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Electronics Genius identifies resistors, capacitors, chokes and coils by their letters, colors and markings instantly with just a few mouse clicks! Identifies all these components; RESISTORS: Ceramic Wire Wound, Mica, Carbon Precision and Standard, Numbered, Surface Mount, Variable, CAPACITORS: 5 Band Axial, Feed Through, Numbered Disk, Colored Disk, Tubular, Mica, Postage Stamp, Button, JAN, AWS, Silver Mica, Mylar, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Film, Tantalum, INDUCTORS: Colored Dots, Standard & Precision Numbered, Military Chokes, and Colored Bands.

Features Electronics Genius 1.0.68

  • Design, prototype and troubleshoot faster by quickly decoding new and vintage discrete electronic component markings.
  • Click on the colors or markings to match your component and its values are automatically decoded and displayed.
  • Simultaneous values are displayed in Ohms, Kilo Ohms and Mega Ohms for resistors; Pico Farad, Nano Farad and Micro Farad (uF pF nF) for Capacitors; Micro Henrys, Milli Henrys and Henrys for inductors.
  • Create the components you need from what you have at hand with series parallel calculators for capacitors, resistors and coils.
  • Automated Ohms law wheel quickly converts amps to watts to current to resistance and vice versa. It also includes volt amps (VA)
  • Over 85 electronics decoder-calculators in one program.

Download Electronics Genius


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  1. I’d like to take a look at your Electronics Genius bur the link does nor seem to be on the web page. Program look interesting, please sentme a link. Thanks


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