Download Electronics Genius 1.0.68

Electronics Genius identifies resistors, capacitors, chokes and coils by their letters, colors

Download Electronics Genius 1.0.68, Electronics Genius identifies resistors, capacitors, chokes and coils by their letters, colors and markings instantly with just a few mouse clicks! Identifies all these components; RESISTORS: Ceramic Wire Wound, Mica, Carbon Precision and Standard, Numbered, Surface Mount, Variable, CAPACITORS: 5 Band Axial, Feed Through, Numbered Disk, Colored Disk, Tubular, Mica, Postage Stamp, Button, JAN, AWS, Silver Mica, Mylar, Epoxy Resin, Polyester Film, Tantalum, INDUCTORS: Colored Dots, Standard & Precision Numbered, Military Chokes, and Colored Bands.

Electronics Genius Identifies Resistors, Capacitors, Chokes And Coils By Their Letters, Colors
Download Electronics Genius 1.0.68

Features Electronics Genius 1.0.68

  • Design, prototype and troubleshoot faster by quickly decoding new and vintage discrete electronic component markings.
  • Click on the colors or markings to match your component and its values are automatically decoded and displayed.
  • Simultaneous values are displayed in Ohms, Kilo Ohms and Mega Ohms for resistors; Pico Farad, Nano Farad and Micro Farad (uF pF nF) for Capacitors; Micro Henrys, Mili Henry and Henrys for inductors.
  • Create the components you need from what you have at hand with series parallel calculators for capacitors, resistors, and coils.
  • Automated Ohms’ law wheel quickly converts amps to watts to current to resistance and vice versa. It also includes volt amps (VA)
  • Over 85 electronics decoder-calculators in one program.

Download Electronics Genius

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  1. I’d like to take a look at your Electronics Genius bur the link does nor seem to be on the web page. Program look interesting, please sentme a link. Thanks


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