Download Regulator Designer LM317 calculator


Download Regulator Designer calculator, LM317 calculator Voltage Current Shunt Adjustable Regulator Designer LM317, LM150, LM350, L200, TL431, M5237, 78xx,  voltage, current, shunt and adjustable regulator design

Regulator Designerallows to calculate

  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) voltage regulator calculator
  • LM317 (LM150, LM350) current regulator calculator
  • L200 voltage and/or current regulator calculator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator calculator
  • TL431 precision shunt regulator with LM317 calculator
  • M5237 3-terminal adjustable regulator calculator
  • 78xx series voltage regulator LM7805, LM7806,  LM7809, LM7812, LM7815, LM7818, LM1824 calculator
  • 78xx series current regulator calculator

Download Regulator Designer LM317 calculator

Download Regulator Designer

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