Download EasyEDA Pro 2: Professional PCB Design Software for Desktop

EasyEDA Pro 2 desktop PCB Design Tool 3d pcb

Download EasyEDA Pro 2 desktop Free license an Easier and Powerful Online PCB Design Tool, easyEDA Pro currently has two versions, EasyEDA Pro and EasyEDA Pro Standard.

EasyEDA Pro is a brand-new version that the EasyEDA Pro team has spent a year working on. It will be launched at the end of 2019. Please treat it as a new tool. Some functions and loose restrictions of the EasyEDA Pro standard version may not necessarily be provided.

Import files from Altium designer, Kicad, Eagle, Orcad, Pads, Protel, Ltspice

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The data of EasyEDA Pro does not communicate with the data of EasyEDA Pro Standard Edition. Please refer to the import chapter at the bottom to import the project file of the Standard Edition.

Easyeda Pro 2 Desktop Pcb Design Tool Seral Register
Start Interface

EasyEDA Pro desktop client support three modes:

  • Full online mode: login is required, libraries and projects are stored in the cloud, collaboration is supported, and cloud projects are automatically backed up to the local;
  • Half-offline mode: no login required, both libraries and projects exist locally, collaboration is not supported, and cloud system libraries are supported. This mode is recommended.
  • Full offline mode: no login is required, both libraries and projects exist locally, collaboration is not supported, and cloud system libraries are not supported. Built-in 1m+ commonly used system libraries.
Easyeda Pro 2 Desktop Pcb Design Tool Free
Main Interface

EasyEDA Pro 2 desktop PCB Design Tool

  • The function is more powerful, the legacy problems of the standard version will be solved, and the new PCB drawing will be solved.
  • The PCB is based on the WebGL engine, which can smoothly provide PCB design with tens of thousands of pads, and various constraints will be strengthened to provide more powerful rule management.
  • Various constraints will also be strengthened, providing more powerful rule management, etc.
  • More powerful device selection function, you do not need to switch back and forth between LCSC Mall and EasyEDA Pro editor frequently.
  • Provides the concept of device, device = symbol + footprint + 3D model + attribute, only allows placing the device in the schematic/PCB canvas. Enhance library reuse.
  • Supports hierarchical drawing, can support up to 500 schematic pages, and PCB supports 50,000 components and can still zoom, pan and route smoothly.
  • Supports multiple single-board designs in one project.
  • More powerful DXF import and export, more powerful PDF export.
  • Built-in auto-routing function, the standard version requires an external auto-routing plug-in.

EasyEDA Pro is still under development, and some of the original functions of EasyEDA Pro Standard Edition will be gradually provided.

EasyEDA Standard Edition

  • EasyEDA standard version project was established in 2011, the first overseas version EasyEDA was launched, and the domestic version EasyEDA was officially launched in 2017
  • Some features and relaxed restrictions of EasyEDA Standard Edition may not be available in Professional Edition.
  • The standard version of EasyEDA Std is based on SVG, and it will lag on some larger boards.
  • The standard version of EasyEDA Std will mainly focus on fixing bugs, and the major functions will not be added.


  • The data of EasyEDA Pro is not interoperable with the data of EasyEDA Standard Edition. Data from the Standard Edition is provided to be migrated to the Professional Edition. There is a migration entry on the start page of the Professional Edition.
  • Support importing Standard Edition to Professional Edition. Please see the Import section at the bottom for importing standard version project files.

Library file:

  • EasyEDA Pro provides a device concept, device = symbol + footprint + 3D model + attribute parameters, to achieve high reuse, only allow devices to be placed in the schematic canvas.
  • Standard version cannot reuse symbol library.
  • The professional version does not support schematic modules and PCB modules.
Easyeda Pro 2 Desktop Pcb Design Tool
About The Menu And Top Bar

Client installation instructions

  1. If the beta version has not been installed before, it can be installed directly;
  2. If the beta version has been installed before, it is recommended to uninstall the old version before installing it to avoid the effect of cache;
  3. Please ensure that your computer has a graphics card, a discrete graphics card is better;
  4. Only 64-bit is supported, and XP system is not supported.

Load Activation File for EasyEDA Pro 2 desktop PCB Design Tool

Activation file free download address:

when you open the desktop client first time, it will open an activate dialog, you can download the activation file to activate.

Easyeda Pro 2 Desktop Pcb Design Tool Activation
Load Activation File


  1. The activation file is free to download, no need to crack, the genuine license can be downloaded after registration;
  2. The activation file contains your account information, please do not disclose it to the public and keep it properly;
  3. The activation file cannot be modified, and the import cannot be activated after modification.

Set Running Mode

After importing the activation file, you can open the client interface and click the “gear” icon in the upper-right corner or the “settings” icon on the start page to set the operating mode.

Operation mode description:

  • Full online mode:
    • Need to use the Internet, need to log in, support team collaboration.
    • All data is stored in the cloud server.
    • Supports automatic backup of online projects locally, and the editor will back up the project compressed footprint in this folder according to the set backup interval.
  • Hafl-offline/Full offline mode:
    • Semi-offline mode supports the use of online system libraries.
    • Personal libraries and projects are stored locally.
    • Support setting library path, support adding multiple library paths.
    • Supports setting the default storage path for new projects.

Download EasyEDA Pro for Linux, MAC and Windows

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