Dowbload FreeCAD-PCB import PCB to FreeCAD

FreeCAD-PCB import PCB to FreeCAD

FreeCAD-PCB, import your PCB boards to FreeCAD, mod FreeCAD-PCB allows you to import PCB boards to FreeCAD. Supported different PCB design software, such Eagle, FreePCB, FidoCadJ, KiCad.

Scope of mod FreeCAD-PCB import PCB to FreeCAD:

  • Support for many different layers,
  • Possible to choose colours, transparency and names for each layer,
  • Mod allows you to import IGES models with colours,
  • Possible to show holes/vias independent.

Supported PCB design software:

  • Eagle (*.brd)
  • Razen (*.rzp)
  • FreePCB (*.fpc)
  • gEDA (*.pcb)
  • FidoCadJ (*.fcd)
  • KiCad (*.kicad_pcb)
  • IDF v2/v3

Requirements: FreeCAD >= 0.14

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Freecad-Pcb Import Pcb To Freecad
Freecad-Pcb Import Pcb To Freecad

Features FreeCAD-PCB import PCB to FreeCAD

“Real time” connection between Eagle and FreeCAD

Download FreeCAD-PCB

Download Freecad

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