Download KarnaughMap 1.3 solve Karnaugh map

Karnaugh Map freeware and full version by One Gram Software Boolean Algebra assistant program for Electrical Engineering students

KarnaughMap 1.31 (kmap131.exe) is a freeware program that runs on Windows 7/8. It is an interactive Boolean Algebra program extremely easy to use. You enter the specification through the truth table.

The moment you click on a cell, the corresponding cell on the Karnaugh map also gets updated. Alternatively, you may enter data into the Karnaugh map directly. If you do so, the truth table will be updated real-time to reflect the Karnaugh map. The program constantly updates the screen, drawing the largest circle around the group of adjacent bits. The output box always displays the prime implicant solution.

Karnaugh Map Freeware And Full Version By One Gram Software Boolean Algebra Assistant Program For Electrical Engineering Students
Download Karnaughmap 1.3 Solve Karnaugh Map

KarnaughMap 1.31 is a stand-alone Win32 executable that requires no DLLs to run. No Unzipping or installation required. Does not write to the registry; uninstallation is done by deleting the exe file.Extremely intuitive and convenient. A must-have tool for the freshmen electrical engineering student.

Download KarnaughMap 1.3 solve Karnaugh map

Download KarnaughMap

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