Circuit audio power amplifier btl tda7052

Circuit audio power amplifier btl tda7052


Circuit audio power amplifier with tda7052 BTL of 1 watt small size

The tda 7052 is an amplifier in package plastic dil of 8 pins. Drawn for equipments of portable radios supplies by batteries.

TDA7052 doesn’t request external components, it presents good stability, low consumption, without of heat-sink.

For not being necessary external components that integrated circuit he/she becomes ideal for applications where the space is minimum. The only components that were added to the circuit went a potentiometer to adjust the volume and bypass capacitors. That integrated circuit is a good substitute for the lm386. He requests from 6 to 12 volts for your feeding. It is very easy to set up an amplifier using the tda7052, you can add him/it to your projects where he/she needs an amplifier of potency of 1 watt.

Schematic TDA7052 amplifier


PCB for assembly of the amplifier it scale 1:1

Option 1
Option 2

Printed Circuit board side of the components for power amplifier with tda7052


Download PCB + Datasheet PDF + library for Cadsoft Eagle tda7052.lbr
Download PDF

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  1. Good job. My best wishes for u 1st. Could u please upload some high power mono amplifier schematics and PCB layouts using TDA 7293 with more than 150w rms