Circuit Fm spy bug transmitter mini SMD

Circuit Fm transmitter spy bug mini

FM spy bug transmitter to listen to secret conversations, operates in the FM band 90-100 MHz, the 3v cr2032 battery lasts approximately 96 hours of continuous use, and has a range of up to 30 linear meters.

Schematic Circuit Fm spy bug transmitter mini SMD

Schematic Circuit Fm Spy Bug Transmitter Mini Smd
Schematic Circuit Fm Spy Bug Transmitter Mini Smd

Circuit FM transmitter spy bug mini refers to a compact and discreet device that allows for covert audio transmission over FM frequencies. This advanced electronic circuit is specifically designed for espionage and surveillance purposes. The term “spy bug mini” indicates its small size, making it easy to conceal and inconspicuously place in various environments.

The circuit of this FM transmitter spy bug mini is intricately engineered to ensure efficient and reliable audio transmission. It includes components such as a microphone, an audio amplifier, a frequency modulator, and an antenna. The microphone captures sound waves in its surrounding environment, converting them into electrical signals. These signals are then amplified to enhance the audio quality before being modulated onto an FM carrier frequency.

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The frequency modulator is responsible for superimposing the audio signals onto the carrier wave, effectively encoding the audio information for transmission. This process ensures that the audio remains intact and intelligible when received by a compatible FM receiver. The antenna, connected to the circuit, broadcasts the modulated FM signal, allowing it to be picked up by FM receivers within its range.

The compact size of this FM transmitter spy bug mini enables it to be discreetly concealed in various objects or hidden within a room, enabling covert surveillance. It can be easily placed inside everyday objects, such as pens, calculators, or even clothing, making it virtually undetectable to unsuspecting individuals. This makes it an ideal tool for undercover operations, private investigations, or personal security purposes.

The FM transmitter spy bug mini operates on a low-power supply, ensuring extended battery life for prolonged surveillance sessions or operations. It can be powered by standard batteries or rechargeable ones, depending on the user’s preference and requirements.

Overall, the circuit FM transmitter spy bug mini is a highly specialized device designed for discreet audio transmission. Its miniature size, advanced circuitry, and covert capabilities make it an invaluable tool for those involved in espionage, surveillance, or any situation where discreet audio transmission is necessary.

Circuit Fm Transmitter Spy Bug Mini Pcb
Circuit Fm Transmitter Spy Bug Mini Pcb

Bom Circuit Fm spy bug transmitter mini SMD

Capacitors SMD
104pC1C0603 – Ceramic capacitor1
103pC2C0603 – Ceramic capacitor1
15pC3,C8C0603 – Ceramic capacitor2
30pC4C0603 – Ceramic capacitor1
104C5C0603 – Ceramic capacitor1
20pC7C0603 – Ceramic capacitor1
1uC6CAP-D4.0×H5.5 – SMD Electrolytic capacitor1
5TL1L_AXIAL-0.4 – 4 turn 26 AWG wire 5 mm diameter1
Resistors SMD
10k (103)R1R06031
47k (473)R2R06031
200 (201)R3,R4R06032
2N3904(SOT-23)Q1SOT-23-3—NPN transistor1
AOS3729A-T42-NXCMICMIC-SMD_L3.8-W3.00-TL – Mem microphone1
CR2032-2-1CR2032BAT-TH_CR2032-2-1 – Battery 3V1
AntennaANTANTENNA-PAD – Antenna connector1


Download files PCB in PDF, PNG, and Gerber



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