Circuit of power audio amplifier with IC tda2030

Circuit of power audio amplifier with IC tda2030


TDA2030 is a circuit integrated monolithic in Pentawat® package, to be used as class audio amplifier AB. Typically he supplies up to 14 Watts of potency (d=0.5%) @ 14V/4Ω. The guaranteed potency is 12W in a load of 4Ω and 8 watts in a load of 8Ω. Integrated him/it bill with circuits of component protection.

Description of the circuit

Audio amplifier with having integrated tda2030, using source of simple feeding, for potency of 14 watts with a source of 15 volts. That source should be with transformer, rectificators and good filter capacitors, there is not need of regulated source. for protection of the circuit to use a fuse of 3 amperes in the line of +b of the amplifier. Use a heat-sink of heat in the circuit integrated tda2030. See the datasheet of the tda 2030 to know which heat-sink to use. That integrated it is cheaply and easy to find at the market. For a version in bridge for until 28 watts@14v and version using symmetrical source sees the datasheet of the tda2030. That circuit can be fed by car batteries by good time without needing to recharge her. The tda2030 is usually found as amplifier of stage of potency of systems of home theater, it is in those that promise 1000 Watts of potency. For now a tda2030 supplies 14 watts, then 5 tda2030 supplies less than 100 watts rms. But that is a good idea, to use the tda2030 as amplifier of potency of systems surround, for the subwoofer the ideal is an assembly in bridge for more potency.

Schematic of the circuit audio amplifier with tda2030

Circuit of amplifier of power audio with integrated circuit

Suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of the amplifier with tda 2030. Real size.

amplifying circuit of potent audio with having integrated tda2030 pci

printed circuit board side of the components to guide the assembly of the amplifier

amplifying circuit of potent audio with having integrated tda2030 component pci

Part lists of components for assembly of the amplifier


  • R1:150KΩ
  • R2: 4.7KΩ
  • R3: 100KΩ
  • R4: 1Ω 1W
  • RA/RB: 100KΩ


  • C1: 1µF 25V Electrolytic
  • C2:2.2µF 25V Electrolytic
  • C3:100nF polyester or ceramic
  • C5: none
  • C6: 220nF polyester or ceramic
  • C7: 2200µF / 35V


  • IC1: TDA2030 or tda2030a
  • D1/D2: 1n4002

Several: circuit printed circuit board printed, heat-sink, box, wires ,etc.

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