Circuit power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 – 200 Watts RMS

Amplifier circuit stereo audio with good power, using integrated circuit TDA7293 for up to 2x 100 Watts. With Suggested PCB mounting design. Includes power supply to the circuit itself, thus only requires a transformer to power. PCB compact size even being single sided. Allowing mount a power amplifier and compact with good quality, ideal for various applications.

Includes power supply on board, only requires a transformer to power the circuit.
The part of the power supply uses bridge rectifier, large electrolytic capacitors to filter values ​​can be used since the 4.700μF to  12.000μF. The LEDs in series with the resistor and indicate on state, serve to discharge the electrolytic capacitors.
Includes circuit mute / stand-by, but was not placed key to turn on and off, is to avoid clicks in the speakers on and off, being unnecessary to use the relay output.
The power transformer can be from 18-0-18 to 33-0-33 / 200VA, with transformer with lower voltage may need less current too

The integrated circuit body should be insulated from the heatsink using mica or plastic thermal pad to insulate the screw.

thermal pad mica tda7294 700x253 Circuit dynamic power amplifier with TDA7294 bridge 180W or stereo 80W tda7294 pcb tda power amplifier circuit power amplifier Download Audio amplifier tda Amplifier

Schematic stereo audio amplifier with TDa7293

power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 schematic
power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 schematic

Suggested PCB layout


power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 PCB
power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 PCB

power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 PCB silk
power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA7293 PCB silk

List of components for assembly of audio amplifier with TDA7293.

Resistor’s 1/4 Watt* 5%
R1, R2, R10, R1122K – Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R3, R13680 – Blue, Grey, Brown, Gold
R4, R1427k – Red, Violet, Orange, Gold
R5, R15100k – Brown, Black, Yellow, Gold
R6, R12*2.2 – 1 Watt- Red, Red, Gold, Gold
R7, R1633k – Orange, Orange, Orange, Gold
R8, r94.7K – Yellow, Violet, Red, Gold
C1, C4, C8, C10, C12, C13, C16, C20100nF – capacitor polyester
C2, C141µF – capacitor polyester
C3, C7, C15, C1922µF/50V – electrolytic Capacitor
C5, C6, C17, C1810µF/50V – electrolytic Capacitor
C94.700µF to 10.000µF/50V – electrolytic Capacitor
C114.700µF to 10.000µF/50V – electrolytic Capacitor
D1, D21N4148 – Diode
IC1, IC2TDA7293  – Audio amplifier integrated circuit ST Microelectronics
B1GBU15G or equivalent – Bridge rectifier
LED1, LED2red LED 3mm
Description of the connectors
ACConnector to the transformer – 18-0-18 to  33-0-33
INLLeft channel audio input
INRRight channel audio input
OUTLLeft channel audio output
OUTRRight channel audio output
Welding, Wire, Printed Circuit Board, Box, connectors, transformer, heat sink, etc..

Download PDF file of Assembly TDA7293 Datasheet, plate the copper side, PCB component side.
Download PDF    Mirror

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  1. hi toni, some parts are missing and some are wrong values.r5,r15 on part list is 100k on sematis is 10k.c 21,c22 is not on part list 220pf.r4,r14 on part list 27k on shematic is 33k.R7, R16 on part list 33k on sematic is 22k.

  2. Hello,
    I had some questions about this circuit:
    1. Which speakers can I use on the output,A tweeter or an woofer?
    2. Is the output of these anolog or digital?
    3.If you could send me the pcb Files from EAGLE.

  3. I assembled this circuit but when I give power it works few seconds and no sound. Can you help me out. Power transformer is 24-24 1-1 ampier

    каковы размерыкаковы размеры печатной платы29 / 10000
    Перевести вGoogleBing
    what are the dimensions of the PCB

  5. Hi. I have question about the transformer. I have one where i have 24V AC but i don’t have a GND. Where can i get GND? Can i make it by myself or i must buy transformer with it?. Thanks.

  6. Hello, the circuit is great! but I have doubts about the transformer, i can buy 18,0,18 V or 24,0,24 V transformers, but the only thing i know is the max output current. Is it ok if i calcuate 200VA/36V=5,5A(for the 18V one) and 200VA/48V=4,1A (for the 24V one)?

    • Hello Nima. I saw recently some ciruits and it seems, that tda7294 is usable, but you might Add or take one capacitor of ciruit. Cant remember, fell free to search the web.

    cual es el propósito con los circuitos de audio hay otros que interesen o que sean mas industrial
    esa es una forma de informarse bien espero que sigan asi proporcionando ideas pronto nos comunicamos
    que estén bien Sres

  8. where can i buy the whole PCB and component of this audio amp. i myself will assemble it. please help me i am very much interested in this stuff..thank you very much

  9. I have no any idea or experiance about this all.but i want to learn to build it self.truly i,m most lover of this simple circuit amp controller and most for high watt guy, i cant build it and wont make any deal with all know it why,.well if somebody agree and want sell own project (finish good) to me should reply me on
    No metter what of value been set by you.

    Deal guys.good conditions for good price.



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