Circuit diagram tpa3116d2 amplifier board xl6019

Circuit diagram tpa3116d2 amplifier board power

Circuit diagram tpa3116d2 amplifier board Mini audio amplifier circuit with tpa3116 bridged IC for 100W power with anti-pop. We use the tpa3116d2 IC as a class D audio amplifier and the XL6019 Boost voltage regulator from Xlsemi. Thus, raising the voltage will get the most out of the tpa3116d2 chip.

About the tpa3116 and XL6019 100W mini amplifier circuit

The TPA31xxD2 series are stereo efficient, digital amplifier power stage for driving speakers up to 100 W / 2 Ω in mono. The high efficiency of the TPA3130D2 allows it to do 2 × 15 W without external heat sink on a single layer PCB. The TPA3118D2 can even run 2 × 30 W / 8 Ω without heat sink on a dual layer PCB. If even higher power is needed, the TPA3116D2 does 2 × 50 W / 4 Ω with a small heat-sink attached to its top side PowerPAD. All three devices share the same footprint, enabling a single PCB to be used across different power levels.

The TPA31xxD2 advanced oscillator/PLL circuit employs a multiple switching frequency option to avoid AM interferences; this is achieved together with an option of either master or slave option, making it possible to synchronize multiple devices.

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The TPA31xxD2 devices are fully protected against faults with short-circuit protection and thermal protection as well as overvoltage, under voltage, and DC protection. Faults are reported back to the processor to prevent devices from being damaged during overload conditions.

In our application we used the TPA3116D2 IC, configured the oscillator for 400KHz, and added an anti-pop circuit that acts on the mute pin when turning the amplifier on and off, thus avoiding popping when turning the amplifier on and off. The inductors can be SMD or PTH type, as long as they are of 5A or more.

We used 2 XL6019 voltage regulators from Xlsemi that work at 180KHz and can work with up to 5A of current, as we used 2, theoretically up to 10A of current. Sufficient for our amplifier. It is one with the ability to adjust the output voltage by acting on the FB pin. The formula to calculate the output voltage is VOUT=1.25*(1+R2/R1), in our case we have about 23V at the output of our DC/DC converter. This is enough for our TPA3116 chip to work at maximum power. You should add a heat sink to the XL6019 ICs, for this use thermal glue.

SS54 diodes for 5A and 40V or equivalent isolate the supply from each other. At the output of the DC/DC Converter, use good quality electrolytic capacitors.

As we are working with our amplifier for maximum power, we should equip the chip with a heat sink.

It is possible to order this board assembled with the components from JLCPCB or those you prefer, to save money you may be interested in ordering only the basic type components.

Circuit diagram schematic tpa3116d2 amplifier board

Circuit Diagram Tpa3116D2 Amplifier Board Schematic
Circuit Diagram Tpa3116D2Dadr Amplifier Board Schematic

Suggested PCB printed circuit board for mounting the amplifier

Circuit Diagram Tpa3116D2 Amplifier Board Pcb Top
Circuit Diagram Tpa3116 Amplifier Board Pcb Top
Circuit Diagram Tpa3116D2 Amplifier Board Pcb Bottom
Circuit Diagram Tpa3116 Amplifier Board Pcb Bottom
Component Viewer Top Tpa3116D2 Amplifier Board
Component Viewer Top Tpa3116D2Dadr Amplifier Board

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BOM  for assembling the amplifier

Last update: 08/02/2022 17:15

R1, R2, R447k (473)Resistor SMD 08053
R3, R52.7K (272)Resistor SMD 08052
R7, R82K (202)Resistor SMD 08052
R10, R16470K (474)Resistor SMD 08052
R23, R28100K (104)Resistor SMD 08052
R2920K (203)Resistor SMD 08051
R31, R323,3 (3R3)Resistor SMD 08052
C1, C2, C5, C8, C9, C12470µ/35Electrolytic capacitor6
C3, C4, C10, C11, C22, C23, C25, C26, C54, C551uFSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor10
C647pSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor1
C7, C13, C62, C6310nSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor4
C27100µElectrolytic capacitor1
C31, C46100nSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor2
C38, C43, C56, C571nSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor4
C39, C40, C41, C42220nSMD 0805 Ceramic Capacitor4
D1, D2, D3, D4, D5, D6SS54Schottky diode SMC6
D7, D81n4148Diode SOD80C2
LED1, LED2LED redLED SMD 08052
IC1, IC3XL60195A Switching Current Boost DC/DC Converter TO263-5L2
IC2TPA3116d2DADRDAD32 Class D Audio Amplifier1
Q1PMBT3906Transistor PNP SMD SOT23-31
L1, L247uH 5AToroidal Inductor2
L3, L410uHInductor SMD CDR127 (optional)2
DCAlimentaçãoTerminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm.1
INAudio InputTerminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm.1
OUTAudio OutputTerminal block 2 pin 5.08 mm.1
Solder, Wires, PCB, case, font, heatsink, etc.

Download files of this assembly, including PCB board in Gerber, PNG, PDF format.

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