Circuit stereo power amplifier IC TDA7379 38W

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Compact stereo audio power amplifier circuit using integrated circuit TDA7379 for 2x 38 Watts. Uses simple DC power supply or transformer, being suitable for several applications where a good quality amplifier and low cost. Ideal for, games, PC, portable audio, automobile, motorcycle, home theather.
With a minimum of components it can assemble this project.

Simple design of easy assembly, already includes the circuit of the power supply, only need to connect the transformer and the speakers. With a compact pcb allows an audio amplifier with reasonable power even using simple power supply.
The power can be from 8 to 20 Volts DC or transformer from 6 to 15 VAC.
The power at the maximum setting will be up to 38 Watts at 4 Ohms and 20VDC. With Stand-by circuit, it allows smooth on and off the amplifier without crackling.
This IC is equipped with protection against short and high temperature.

The integrated TDA7375 and TDA7377 can be used on this board, provided that the voltage limits for each of these are observed, which can be observed in the Datasheet.

Circuit diagram of amplifier circuit with TDa7379

Circuit diagram stereo amplifier TDa7379

PCB for amplifier TDA 7379

PCB amplifier TDa7379
PCB layout amplifier TDa7379
Top silk

Part list

Resistors 1/4W 5%
R110k -Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
R31K – Brown, Black, Red, Gold
C110µF – Electrolytic capacitor
C2, C3470nF – Polyester Capacitor
C447µF – Electrolytic capacitor
C5100nF – Ceramic or polyester capacitor
C66800uF – Electrolytic capacitor
D1, D2, D3, D41N5402 or equivalent – Silicon rectifier diode
IC1TDA7379 – Audio Amplifier Integrated Circuit
LED15mm Led any color
INLLeft channel audio input
INRRight channel audio input
ACTransformer Connector
OUTLLeft channel audio output
OUTRAudio output right channel
J112mm jumper – Piece of wire or lead
Welding, Transformer 12/4 Amperes or 12 Volt / 4A power Supply, Wires, Box for Amplifier, PCB, Heat Sink for TDA, etc..

Download files for this assembly – PDF PCB, Schematic, PDF, silk screen
Download PDF     Mirror

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