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Audio Power amplifier modular TDA7293 1

Audio Power amplifier modular TDA7293 in parallel #Minimus

Power audio amplifier module using TDA7293 integrated circuit in modular mode with 2 tda7293 chips in parallel, including compact printed circuit board layout. Ideal application to...
tda7294 power amplifier tda7293

Audio power amplifier with IC TDA7294 or TDA7293 – #Minimus

Audio power amplifier project based in integrate circuit TDA7294 or TDA7293. Compact printed circuit board and is ideal to be used where a compact...

Audio Amplifier Mono With IC TDA7293 -100 Watts

Power amplifier using the TDA7293 chip manufactured by ST Microelectronics, includes schematic and PCB design for easy mounting of the power amplifier. The TDA7293...
TDA7294 Bridge stereo 3D Board

Brutus – Circuit Audio power Amplifier stereo with tda7294 bridge 2x 170 W

The circuit of the amplifier with TDA7294 was a big hit among our readers, so bring more than this version of the amplifier with...
dynamic power amplifier TDA7294 3D Board

Circuit dynamic power amplifier with TDA7294 – bridge 180W or stereo 80W

The TDA 7294 can be used in stereo mode (2 x 80Watts) or mono bridge mode (1x 180 Watts), to do this configuration simply...
Download Logic Circuit Designer 1.5

Download Logic Circuit Designer 1.5

From the practical point of view, this paper refers to an educational software developed as a technological tool for understanding the logic circuits operation....

Circuit power amplifier IC TDA7294 with PCB – 80 W RMS

Project of circuit potent audio amplifier with TDA7294Super Amplifier with tda7294 of the St microeletronics, is possible to get potency of up to 100W...

Circuit of power audio amplifier High Efficiency , hi-fi, with TDA7294

Here below is described a circuit proposal for a high efficiency amplifier which can be adopted for both HI-FI and CAR-RADIO applications.Constraints of implementing...


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