Download Ferrite free calculator for coil in Ferrite

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Ferrite is used to calculate the number of turns required on toroidal ferrite cores to achieve the desired millihenry-value inductance. 15 different ferrite toroids are included in this application. This program will calculate the winding data for an inductance range of 0.001 to 27 millihenries. The application will accept inductances from 0.01 to 27.0 millihenries 15 cores are shown.

Download Ferrite


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4 thoughts on “Download Ferrite free calculator for coil in Ferrite”

  1. An update to my earlier message.

    There are now 2 programs for ferrite cored rf transformers.
    FT_calc_1.3c.xls remains as before.
    Balun_1.2c.xls does calculations for making a ferrite cored rf balun.


  2. Hi,
    I have spent many years working with ferrite cores in RF applications. All of the programs I see on the web do not allow for changes in inductance and losses with frequency.
    I have left a design program as well as many other ferrite details on the website:
    Feel free to use the programs on your website.
    73 de vk2wb,


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