TDA7293 amplifier TDA7294 amplifier circuit #Minimus

tda7294 power amplifier tda7293

TDA7293 amplifier TDA7294 amplifier circuit diagram #Minimus. Audio power amplifier project based in integrate circuit tda7294 IC circuit diagram or TDA7293 amplifier. Compact printed circuit board and is ideal to be used where a compact amplifier and with adequate power to be used in various applications, such as computer amplifier necessary, games, MP3 Player, Home Theater, Sound environment, amplified Cash, etc.

The TDA7294 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Multiwatt15 package, intended for use as audio class AB amplifier in Hi-Fi field applications (Home Stereo, self-powered loudspeakers, Top class TV). Thanks to the wide voltage range and to the high out current capability, it is able to supply the highest power into both 4 Ω and 8 Ω loads even in presence of poor supply regulation, with high Supply Voltage Rejection. The built-in muting function with turn on delay simplifies the remote operation, avoiding switching on-off noises.

All features

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  • Thermal shutdown
  • short circuit protection
  • very low distortion
  • no boucherot cells
  • very high operating voltage range (±40v)
  • high output power (up to 100w music power)
  • dmos power stage
  • no switch on/off noise
  • very low noise
  • muting/stand-by functions

Features TDA7293 amplifier TDA7294 amplifier circuit diagram #Minimus.

  • Classic application using the IC TDA7293/TDA7294
  • To assemble with TDA7294 or TDA7293 just by changing the position of a capacitor.
  • Great audio quality
  • Easy assembly.
  • Uses just a few components in the assembly
  • Reduced size board 50 mm X 36 mm
  • Power -/+ 18-36 VDC (Symmetrical power supply)
  • Maximum power: 80 (7294) – 100 (7293) Watts RMS
  • Output Impedance: 4 at 16 Ohms.

Table of equivalent IC that can be used in our Amplifier.

IC TDA7293 TDA7294 TDA7295 TDA7296
Maximum power 100W 80W 60W 50W
Maximum voltage at 4 Ohms* 33 VDC 30 VDC 26 VDC 22 VDC
Maximum voltage at 8 Ohms* 40 VDC 38 VDC 35 VDC 30 VDC

*Symmetric power supply, stereo mount.

Also get to know these circuits:

Schematic TDA7293 amplifier, TDA7294 amplifier circuit diagram #Minimus.

Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus - Schematic
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus – Schematic

Suggestion of printed circuit board for assembly of mini amplifier

Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus - Pcb Bottom
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus – Pcb Bottom
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus - Pcb Top
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus – Pcb Top
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus - Pcb Layout
Audio Power Amplifier With Ic Tda7294 Or Tda7293 – #Minimus – Pcb Layout

The transformer is connected at the power supply should be able to provide power equivalent to 1.4X the amplifier power. This power is on the DC voltage used.

In the chart below we can see what will be the maximum power, by matching Po(W) and Vs(+/-).

4 Ohms Power Amplifier Chart

Eg: for 25V => 60W and 30V => 83 Watts. This when connected to speakers of 4 Ohms. This THD to 0.5%.
Note that for 4 Ohms the maximum is +/- 30VDC for TDA7294.

Below is the chart to TDA7294 linked into 8 Ohms – The power supply can be up until +-36VDC.

8 Ohms Power Amplifier ChartTo determine what will be its maximum DC voltage according to the transformer using the following formula: Vf = (1,4 x Vi) – 0,5
Where: Vf = final voltage
Vi = Voltage in the transformer

Ex: For a 24-0-24 transformer have:
Vf= (1,4X24) – 0,5 = 33V

Ex: Transformer for +/-28VDC
28=(1,4xVI) – 0,5 = 1,4Vi=28-0,5 = Vi =27,5/1,4 = 19,64C

With this value at hand just go on the chart and find what will power for this case!
For TDA7293, see the Datasheet
Notice the layout how to assemble the capacitor properly for TDA7294 or TDa7293.

BOM for assembling the Minimus Power Series amplifier with TDA7294/93

Part Value
Resistors 1/4 W 5%
R1, R3, R4 22K — Red, Red, Orange, Gold
R2 680 — Blue, Gray, Brown, Gold
R5 10K — Brown, Black, Orange, Gold
R6 33K — Orange, Orange, Orange, Gold
R7 4.7 Ohms — Yellow, Violet, Gold, Gold
C1, C2, C3, 100nF — Ceramic or Polyester Capacitor.
C4, C7 22µF/50V — Electrolytic Capacitor
C5, C6 47µF/50V a 220µF/50V — Electrolytic Capacitor
C9 1µF — Polyester Capacitor
C10, C11 10µF/50V — Electrolytic Capacitor
D1 1N4148 — Semiconductor Diode
IC1 TDA7293 or TDA7294 – Audio amplifier integrated circuit.
IN Audio Input Connector
PW power supply connector
OUT Audio Out Connector
Solder, Wires, Pci, Box, 18 to 36 Volt DC /2.5 Amp symmetrical supply, etc.

Download the files for this assembly Datasheet, PDF printed circuit board, schematic, component layout.

Gerber added.



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11 thoughts on “TDA7293 amplifier TDA7294 amplifier circuit #Minimus”

  1. Compre una placa en ali exprés e alimentado hasta 18v ,1 AM pero solo se calienta con toda 94
    biem pineado con capacitor tambiem alimente con 25 v,1am igual no me arranca pero si calienta el ic no sé dónde anda el error Garcías me ayudarán resolber antes empiese ser frustrado…… Gracias compas

  2. A quick note on C9.

    C9 must be configure correctly for the IC you are using.
    If a TDA7294 then C9 must be connected ONLY from pin 14 to pin 6 of the IC.

    If you use a TDA7293 the C9 (the bootstrap capacitor) the chip manufacturer, ST or STMicroelectronics , says this —

    For compatibility purpose with the previous devices of the family, the boostrap capacitor can be connected both between the bootstrap pin (6) and the output pin (14) or between the boostrap pin (6) and the bootstrap loader pin (12).
    When the bootcap is connected between pin 6 and 14, the maximum supply voltage in presence of output signal is limited to 100V, due the bootstrap capacitor overvoltage.
    When the bootcap is connected between pins 6 and 12 the maximum supply voltage extend to the full voltage that the technology can stand: 120V.
    This is accomplished by the clamp introduced at the bootstrap loader pin (12): this pin follows the output voltage up to 100V and remains clamped at 100V for higher output voltages. This feature lets the output voltage swing up to a gate-source voltage from the positive supply (VS -3 to 6V).

    So you have the option, EITHER pin 14, or pin 12, BUT NOT BOTH!
    IMO, the drawing is correct in trying to show both options, however the write-up fails to indicate well that it is an option depending on which IC you are using.
    I hope this helps.

    • I bought this circuit board on E.Bay and assembled it but it doesn’t work. I am getting only a hum in the speakers. I am not sure about C9 capacitor so I coupled 2 capacitors. Can you help me to find te fault on it.


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