Audio Amplifier Mono With IC TDA7293 -100 Watts

Power amplifier using the TDA7293 chip manufactured by ST Microelectronics, includes schematic and PCB design for easy mounting of the power amplifier. The TDA7293 is … Read more

TDA7294 Bridge stereo 3D Board

Brutus – Circuit Audio power Amplifier stereo with tda7294 bridge 2x 170 W

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Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030 2.1 Chanell - 3 x 18 Watts - Subwoofer - Complete With PCB suggestion and power supply

Circuit Power audio Amplifier with TDA2030 2.1 – 3 x 18 Watts

This circuit is a complete application is 2.1 amp, two satellite speakers for TDA2030 and one for the subwoofer, the 2.1 system, widely used in … Read more


Circuit power audio amplifier TDA2040 20 Watts

The TDA2040 is a monolithic integrated circuit in Pentawatt  package, intended for use as an audio class AB amplifier. Typically it provides 22W output power … Read more

Circuit power audio amplifier stereo 2x 1 watts tda2822 - Dual low-voltage power amplifier With PCB

Circuit power audio amplifier stereo IC TDA2822 – 2x 1 W

TDA2822 is an ideal Op amp for low output applications. It is a good choice as a preamplifier in stereo high power amplifier circuits. It … Read more